Super Turbo Q & A

Instead of learning new games i’m learning old ones :slight_smile:

  • Is this game balanced
  • how do you pick a original char ( I was told you had to enter some kind of code )

since I’m new to this game I’m playing ryu and sim.

Sim doesn’t seem to have anything cheap to abuse like in a3

I try to setup cross ups with ryu. His forward + punch is good in patterns I’ve seen , better then cvs2. I remember reading something about a ryu fireball trap.
ryu gi’s suck WTF orange what were they smoking.
Which ryu is better OG ryu or ryu. Same for sim

og characters:

on characters with odd numbered rows, select with jab, move joy stick up and down a couple of times then press jab. for even number rows, press jab, right, left , jab.

This game imo is the most ballanced game ever. Shoto Shoryuken will beat mostly any standing attack, and shoryuken when a projectile goes at you, you won’t get hurt.

G-Roc’s way of selecting is correct… (in arcade mode) but Isn’t Cammy the oddball and you have to switch or something? i dunno…

Here’s a list of Old Character differences, and the codes to select them -> >HERE<

Sim can abuse his Noogie Hold (with strong punch) because it has crazy range, and sets up for another tick. Short slide->Noogie as they land can be real annoying and sometimes the only way out is to reversal special or counter throw. So if your opponent sucks at execution, you win. Because they can be so desperate to get out, you can wait for the reversal and punish sometimes too.

Ryu’s orange Gi is his Fred Flinstone Gi… 'xcept he wears the tie around his head. :slight_smile:

OG Ryu is really strong, and a FB machine. Doesn’t have as much to play with, but is really solid. Though most people would probably tell you N.Ryu is better.

OG Sim is good too… I think the main reason people use him though is because they are used to not having to controll the range of his normals. I guess N.Sim would be better thought because of more stuff to work with.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Dhalsim doesn’t have anything cheap?


Suggestions for XX into supers?

Hey, I’m trying to get back into ST and I was wondering;

any suggestions for canceling into supers? The only way I can do it so far is through Negative Edge, but it’s a little iffy, and I’m not sure I’m able to pull it off during match play. For Ryu, I’m doing
cr. mk, NE super…there’s gotta be an easier way!

I was hoping for a couple of other suggestions other than NE. Apoc…Help!



This is how I do crouch forward into super with Ryu:

QCF, down, down/forward +, forward+ punch.

In ST you have to buffer the special move as soon as the first move hits, so you have to do the first QCF, then put the into the second QCF motion. Hope that helps.

good stuff g-roc marvelscrub

weird there was no st thread :confused:
Dasrik no laughing at n00bs :slight_smile: I played sim like one match.

Thanks man, that’s a whole lot easier…have you gotten this to work for charge supers? Like, Chun’s, I’m assuming just can’t cancel into super, but she doesn’t need to with that walking delay, but for someone like DeeJay? Just Curious…

Does anyone play ST on Kaillera? I’ll do that up too!



i really don’t know about cammy, but she is a solid character imho in ST.

Sim doesn’t have anything cheap to abuse…Wow that may sum up your knowledge of the game entirely. ST stands for start throwing, and crouching medium kick into yoga noogie tick throw rocks fully half the cast. Sim is damn good in the game btw, but O sagat owns all.

Sim owns Sagat.

I got a question, I play N.Bison/Balrog and I just get totally owned by Chun. I just can’t seem to deal with a,, repetition. If I try to c.hp the I trade hits with chun 10% of the time and the rest the mk outprioritizes (sp?) my fp. Then I’m stuck trying to block the, c.rk. Any suggestions?

Assuming you’re talking about Bison ( the u.s. version which is the Shadaloo boss, NOT the boxer)

If you’re not in the corner:

  • she is jumping up close, then jump back with Bison with strong.
  • she is jumping from a distance, then jump forward with strong, and juggle 3 times.

If you’re in the corner:

  • she is jumping up close, then walk under her and when you get behind her do standing or sitting forward or standing jab depending on distance.
  • she is jumping from a distance, then jump with strong and juggle 3 times.

If you got more questions, feel free to ask :slight_smile:

Thx, but I was talking about the boxer. Also, what’s his best anti-air? c.hp, or do both of them have their uses?

Charge down, up + punch.

I don’t really play Balrog but I have seen many a Balrogs play. The anti-airs I have noticed are as follows, you can test see which one hits the jumping MK:

  • As Margalis said, the headbutt (charge down, then up and punch)
  • Charge back then Forward Kick
  • Standing strong
  • Standing Jab
  • Standing Fierce ( to hit someone jumping from a distance)
  • Sitting Fierce

That’s all I remember. I am going to guess you can use Sitting roundhouse, and sitting forward as anti air if you use them when they are landing since there is no trip guard. If you do the roundhouse it will knockdown, and after the forward I believe you can combo. But I haven’t seen anybody use this method for Balrog, and since I am not a Balrog player this may not be a good strat but I would try it and test it out.

Just to add to Reza-O’s post,

charge back then forward kick (dashing uppercut) has to be performed really early or you’ll get hit clean before the punch comes out. Same goes for crouching fierce. I don’t know if his standing jab will be able to beat Chun’s jumping Forward, if it does, positioning will be very important.

Headbutt is by far his best antiair because of the invincible frames it has. Standing strong is probably his best normal move anti-air as it comes out quicker than crouching fierce or his dashing uppercut. I personally don’t use crouching fierce as antiair because it is so slow. The dashing uppercut is good to hit opponents that are far away or are jumping backwards, but it can still be beat by high priority jumping attacks like Chun’s short.