Super Turbo revival in NYC at Next Level


All you east coasters anywhere near Next level arcade in brooklyn that have been envious of the revival at super arcade can rejoice. H2H blast city cabs are now at next level! Im not sure what the plan is for the cabs, but before i left today, i hooked it up as head 2 head and put GMC in it. there was a decent crowd playing too. I’m sure the owner of next level(Henry) will be accommodating to us if we can make a regular thing out of this like the guys at super arcade. who’s in???

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Next Level Arcade, NYC



now throw cvs2 in one of these sexy beechss lol~:eek:



GMC is the game.


Wow, this is so dope.

The Revolution will not be televised!


Well done Mike! Make sure you guys do some tournaments before ECT!!! Really nice to see ST getting the love it deserves across the US :smiley:


go ron paul

and this thingamajig you guys got goin on


Cool this finally happened, can’t wait to play next time I’m in NY, now I’ll have something to do at TNL lol


Wow, that’s fucking awesome man. Hopefully you can get a dedicated NY scene up and running by the time Evo comes. It would be pretty sick to have a fun little WC v. EC thing going, especially if we have a lot of numbers.


Next level had a tourney for st a little after mike left. Congrats to emp jeron for doing his thing. But also congrats to next level and mike for showing that st is that ish. Godbless you guys.


How much is it to play? There’s like an entry fee for Next Level right?

Was planning on stopping by several times on the way from work but D trains weren’t running. Shout outs to MTA being terrible.


$3 an hour, $2.50 each additional hour, or $10 all day. Never more than $10. All games free play afaik




I did happen to go this past Tuesday and I can personally say it was a really fun experience! Joysticks/Buttons are a little beat up but totally useable and if anything it added to the atmosphere of playing at the arcade. Not too many people were around since it was a Tuesday night but I’m excited to see what might happen down the road for these cabinets. If anyone maybe wants to talk to Henry and setup a weekly? or maybe bi-weekly? That would be amazing! Anything to bring out the ST heads from the woodwork.

Also just to confirm it is pay by the hour @ standard next level pricing and the cabinets are on freeplay!

Get Hype!


I have new sticks and buttons to put into the cabs next time i come in. Is wednesday a good day to aim for as a weekly ST? I’d like see more people chime to this thread!


Glad to hear you’re putting some love into these cabs mike! Wednesday might be a little busy with Big Two going on and what not. Maybe one of the quieter nights? I think ST would bring a much different group of people than what you see on big tournament nights, and the calmer atmosphere could be beneficial to the overall vibe of the event. I’m open to suggestions though! I’ll try and ask some of the local GGPO monsters when I get a chance and see what they think.


im definetly there


Ggs tonight to megamanx-8, furntree, Janus Gemini and nerd josh. Glad to meet some new people playing ST. Hopefully the beating we all got from Janus doesnt discourage you guys!

On a side note, I put a new seimitsu ls32 and new sanwa buttons in the cab that some said had issues. As of today, I’d say both cabs are working perfectly. Seimitsu Stick in one cab, sanwa in the other and sanwa buttons in both.


Shoutouts and GGs to all you guys who showed up for games today!

mikeidge - thanks for tips on my ken matchups, I definitely leveled up my game today.
Janus-Gemini - Your dictator is too strong bro, makes me scared! xD
MegamanX - That time in the lab is paying off! GGs all around!

I’m really hype for a friday night weekly! Think we can get started as early as this coming week maybe?

Edit- @mikeidge dont worry bro! we cant learn anything by winning all the time :smiley:


So Friday is looking like the day to try and meet up for ST. I will be there this Friday. Anyone else??