Super Turbo revival in Southern California at Super Arcade


it has been legit
the random times I have went at night there has been at least 3-5 great players playing ST
I highly recommend visiting Super Arcade for this
PS Mike Watson is running the arcade now


You guys are in a really great position. It’s nice to hear that you all were able to get Mike Watson to swap in JP parts. To complete the international standard, please make sure the board is set at US T2 / JP T3 speed, although I’m pretty sure you all have that covered too. Anyway, get a ranking ladder going and have fun!


damn, nyc sucks big time.
where in south cali btw?


Good stuff. I’m down to check it out, maybe this weekend? I just don’t wanna go there and be playing against the CPU, so who’s down for a lil ST Meet in the future?


Yep its true. I’ve already gone twice, once on a monday and once on sunday night and both times there ended up being a line to play ST.
Even if no one is playing, pop a token in and someone will walk up and try to beat you. It never fails.
Right now Watson and Co. are still getting the arcade back up to par but If you live in socal get off the ggpo’s and hdr’s and go down and support this arcade so we can make this spot the ST capital of the United States.

The Hyper Fighting machine is coming soon too…come get sommeeeeeeeeeeeee

Super Arcade
1211 N Grand Ave
Walnut, CA 91789

twitter :!/SuperDojo

mon-thurs 10am-12am
friday 10am-1am
saturday 12pm-1am
sunday 1pm-11pm


I’ll try to make it this sat night.


wow cool! ill be down to play Watson on HF and Schafer as well…someday


So lucky :frowning: I miss arcades with real fighters in them.


I was there back in march. It was pretty decent, but there was definitely room for improvement.No ST machine, just a Hyper AE. I’m moving from NM to LA here in a few months, And would be down to Move some of my machines over to super arcade. Some of note are my Naomi Uni running CVS2, an OG Dynamo SF:WW machine, and a nice condition Killer Instinct (dedicated of course). If anyone has Watson’s contact let him know about these if he’s interested. Also have a CPS1 Big Blue running CE/HF.


I was here recently and definitely liked the competition. Not use to American parts but had lots of fun regardless.
ST action was a bit slower earlier in the evening but picked up as the night went on.


Gonna try for saturday night :).

I am here:,-119.746238


call me if you head out ralph, I’ll try to get moocus and synco to come out too. I almost know how to play this game now.


hmmm we should have a GGPO / old school ST players meetup sometime at Super on a weekend or something
you guys down?


yes, this saturday. come.


heard about this from synco. sooo sick, i’m in it for saturday. car is finally drivable since it was stolen.

come get it suckaaaas


gonna be air throwing fools and landing meaty blade kick combos saturday night


I’m definitely heading down there this Saturday. Last Sunday was pretty packed, and I can’t wait to get in some games with the ST crowd again. Playing ST til the wheels fall off.


If some of you has a cam and won’t mind recording part of the stuff, I will not complain. :slight_smile:

Edit: HF too, it has been some time I don’t check HF action that’s not GGPO/Supercade.


I remember one guy recording AE matches, but I’ll try and get him to showcase some ST action.

Last I checked HF wasn’t up yet, but both ST cabs were in good condition.


Damn i love to be doing that as well on AE and HF with Guile some low forward, stand fierce blade kick on gief hehe. You guys are lucky to have the SF2 arcade experience again F… GGPO! Sup Watson! thank you for trying to bring old SF2 arcade comp back from the dead. : )