Super Turbo Revival in ... TORONTO ...?



Supergun Fixed as of Oct 2012: Check the new thread here:

Sept 6 2012: Supergun still broken, I don’t have enough extra cash or time to fix/diagnose it atm, It’s gonna have to wait…

Casuals usually at BrettCave now on DC/XMAME on **SATURDAYS **rather than wednesdays, I’ve been too busy to update the thread with dates, please check the final pages of the thread for brett’s (psychochronic’s) posts with dates.

May/30/2012 - Ranbats Section Added:

I may start bringing my setup to UofT casuals Saturdays when they start it up again. Saturdays work a bit better for me, so we should be able to have it more often.

Upcoming Dates:

May 30 2012 @ A&C
June 27, 2012 @ A&C
July 25, 2012 @ A&C

Notes: Because I don’t have a car and There’s quite a bit of equipment to bring, I will only be providing ONE stick and TWO PSX/PS2 adapters during these gatherings.If you have PSX/PS2 or DB-15 Sticks,** please bring them.**

I’d be willing to bring two sticks if someone is willing to drive me from school, back home, and then back again to the meeting place =p


[S]Feb 22 2012 @ A&C[/S] (Thanks for coming!)
[LEFT][S]Mar 28 2012 @ Heroes World[/S][/LEFT]
[LEFT][S]April 25 2012 @ A&C[/S][/LEFT]
[S][new!] [SATURDAY! $0 venue fee!] May 12 2012 @ Brettcave 2 (tentative) /S

[S]Possible Station at Toryuken on Saturday the 19th! With other Old School Classics![/S]


** C’omn russell, that’s B.S. You’ve seen from gathering’s at A&C that event the supergun is hardly a distraction even during casuals, much less a tourney.**


There were a few empty spaces from what I posted at A&C games. That’s because there are a few people who I haven’t been able to contact / unsure how consistently they can come. I’ll include those people in this list:

Current (Initial) Ranking:

1 HerroHerro
4.Ngu (???, didn’t show up today either)
7.??? (didn’t know up today, couldn’t ask him if he wanted to participate)
9. RedeyeGuy? (I can contact him now)

Rules: To move up the board: Challenge someone within 2 rankings of yourself, let me know of the challenge asap (please, before 8:00 the day of), all challenges will take place either around 8:00 or 10:00 before leaving.

Loser of a challenge places $1 in the newbie fund (for a separate pot to encourage newbies to join tournaments) (newbies are excluded from this rule, for now, this means RedeyeGuy and #7.

Declined challenges automatically count as a loss. (includes no shows, and unanswered challenges)

If a money match is made for the challenge over $5, The winner of the challenge gets to write a 1 line message which will be posted beside their name. (Trash talking to the loser for everyone to see is encouraged! =p)

Matches are FT3 (BO5) if Both players cannot agree on the set.

Updated Rankings will be posted beside the highscore board. above the drinks sign, at the streaming station, and on the table opposite the “office” @ A&C games. As well as here, and on the first post! (the 1 liner’s from money matches will be shown at all locations)

Ranbats begin **JUNE 27TH ** Unless there are unresolved objections.

Notes: Because I don’t have a car and There’s quite a bit of equipment to bring, I will only be providing ONE stick and TWO PSX/PS2 adapters during these gatherings.If you have PSX/PS2 or DB-15 Sticks,** please bring them.**

I’d be willing to bring two sticks if someone is willing to drive me from school, back home, and then back again to the meeting place =p


Notes: Because I don’t have a car and There’s quite a bit of equipment to bring, I will only be providing ONE stick and TWO PSX/PS2 adapters during these gatherings.If you have PSX/PS2 or DB-15 Sticks,** please bring them.**

I’d be willing to bring two sticks if someone is willing to drive me from school, back home, and then back again to the meeting place =p

UThe Story


For the past 3 years the ST/HDR community here has dwindled down to a point where I can count the number of players on my fingers.

Something had to be done about it. So I’d been saving up and putting quite a bit of work, time and money getting a supergun setup to gain interest. Even one or 2 extra players who stick to the game would be worth it to me.

Last Wednesday was the first time I brought it to a populated fight night. I didn’t know what to expect. For the first appearance, again I would have been happy with just 1 or 2 new people playing on the cab. But it was much better than that. I had PMed all the ST heads still around. (not a difficult task, as I said, I could count them on my fingers) about this night and All but one showed up. There was a huge reaction from the OGs at the gathering. Apparently they hadn’t seen these people for years! (This had not occured to me, I thought they all moved on to the newer games) A nice reunion and chance for those people to catch up.

The beginning of the night was slow, just us mashing on the supergun for the first hour or so. Then we suddenly got 2 or 3 more people. New faces! … Pretty modest but I was happy with it. Didn’t expect much more. Then the end of the tournament came and it hit me. People wern’t playing on the cab cuz they were worried about their tournament! They were gonna do casuals on their OWN game to stay warm! because once the Tournament ended there was a Huge rush of players to the ST Supergun!

Many of the OGs who stopped playing admitted again infront of everyone ST is the BEST game! and we ended up staying about an hour past closing until someone (not going to mention names) got mad and kicked us out. and afterwards EVERYONE who tried the game for the first time said it was REALLY fun nobody was disappointed.

After that experience I think I’m going to take my supergun to places about once a month. I’ll be making posts about my “supergun tour” here so you’ll know where to find it next. Right now I’m thinking A&C and Heroes world mostly. And Of course I’ll still be making posts in those particular threads and facebook pages in the Canada subforums as well.

Lets bring ST back to Toronto, show these newbies WHAT made the community and WHY this is the BEST game!

Also share your love of the game and your stories here!

MTLSF 2012 thread
Windsor Thread 2012
London Thread 2012

Dammit, if only I wasn’t tired and had a long drive to get back home I would’ve stayed longer to witness the mad rush.

It’s a good thing you didn’t let me help you take the setup down before I left.

This whole affair makes me feel guilty tbh, after having quit FG and allowing ST to fade away.

I always wanted to grab an ST board but I figured it wouldn’t do any good.

Here’s to you proving me wrong.


That’s awesome. I would totally make the trip to TO for some ST on Supergun. I’m assuming you have Jamma-PS2 convertors?


PSX/ps2 -> DB-15 (on my supergun) yes. and then the DB-15 pins are mapped to the jamma pins inside the supergun. Again, I’ll be making posts here wherever I bring my board now so watch out for it. My goal at this point is once a month.


Guilty? Nah, don’t be. Honestly, I felt it was very risky putting so much time and money getting the setup. but with my connections to the current FGC (almost none) I felt like it was the only way to get some attention. (I remember someone said the arcade board looked like it was on life support) xD

Even if you do feel guilty about it. J****ust by showing up on wednesday you’ve made up for it. I mean, Even with the funky looking setup that literally looks like it could be a bomb. Nobody was going to play it if it was just me sitting there fighting the CPU all night. Hopefully the next few times we’ll have some Hype moments that’ll make people think… “What’s going on there…?” But none of that will happen if the existing community doesn’t show up to play.

Now this is directed to everyone.** If you want ST to have a revival**. Show up to these gatherings and play. Nothing I’m trying to do will work if there’s no support!


This all sounds really great. I generally try to get to A&C on Wednesdays. Didn’t make it tonight but probably will next week. I would definitely be up for some ST so I’ll watch for someone playing it when I’m there! Interestingly, I WAS there last Wednesday and clearly wasn’t paying attention because I didn’t notice any ST going on.

Disclaimer: I am totally out of practice on ST - haven’t played in years and for some strange reason I can’t seem to be able to get it to download on my PS3 from the PSN store, so please don’t expect a great player in me. But I will certainly try!


I just asked the A&C people on Facebook if I could bring the setup again on the 22nd. I don’t see why not though previously they basically said bring it down anytime… I thought I’d ask again just in case though…

edit: Jersey, we were between the streaming desk and the people playing soul caliber. on the CRTs and don’t worry, everyone’s out of practice… nobody cares… and It’ll ease the newbies into the game as well…


Sounds great! I’m marking it down for the 22nd and will try my absolute best to make it.


I will be showing up on the 22nd playing “the real ARCADE EDITION”!





This is awesome! ST is the only game I play so I’d be down for this! Ever since my stick broke I haven’t been able to play on GGPO :S Can’t wait for the 22nd… PM me if you wanna play before :smiley:


I will be there on the 22nd as well. As Unessential said, if you like this game, the best way to support it is to show up and play. To the new faces, don’t be shy and introduce yourselves. It’s good to be able to put a name and face to the SRK/ggpo handle. And don’t be afraid to ask questions. This is how you get better at the game!


So I’m bumping this thread as a reminder that ST will happen on the 22nd at A&C World, here are a few facts about the venue and its surroundings for all the people coming and want info:

GOOGLE MAP-INFO: games&fb=1&gl=ca&hq=a&c games&hnear=0x882b469fe76b05b7:0x3146cbed75966db,Mississauga, ON&cid=0,0,15246275971244972631&ei=35k5T-CCM4f50gHdoNha&sa=X&oi=local_result&ct=image&ved=0CA4Q_BI

-A&C World is located at 702a Spadina Ave. It is located between Bloor and Sussex and located in a block that has a barbershop, post office and it’s father store, A&C Games

-If you plan to take the streetcar from Spadina station, just get off at the first stop (Sussex Ave). Right when you go upwards onto the surface, you will easily see the block of shops where A&C is located

-If you plan to subway from Spadina station, just get off at Bloor, walk south on Spadina and once you start passing by Shoeless Joe’s, Lick’s hamburgers and the Beer store, you’re heading the right direction

-there is a $5 venue fee, this includes spectators too

-A&C World opens 3pm-8pm most days but on Wednesdays since it’s our fight night, they’ll start closing after 10pm

-ST will be played on Supergun so I encourage that you bring your own PS2 sticks. A&C World is also lending us an unmodded T5 Anniversary stick along with an HRAP1 (which will be repaired on site):

-if you plan to play any other games (the current fighters), please bring a stick with you, they use five PS3s (AE2012/UMvC3/KOF13/MK9/SC5/3SOE) and five 360s (AE2012/UMvC3) for current fighters

-chances are we’ll be playing ST on the biggest CRT they got so don’t expect to play on LCD (they use the EVO monitors) and most likely, we’ll be playing on the table beside the stream station (furthest tables from the stairs)

-chances are I will bring a recorder to record whatever (records on h264 mp4; godlike quality), here is a sample video however it’s HDR:

-once at A&C World, you’ll be “underground”, so don’t be surprised if your cell phone has no signal

-there are tons of food options all within two blocks walk around the venue (various pizza shops, poutinerie, Shawarma, burritos, pasta shop, ramen, 7-11, Tim Hortons, burgers, barbecue, Swiss Chalet, etc…)

I think that’s it, see you all on the 22nd, I know at least six people showing up for this!


Thanks for the info. What time will ST be set up?





Usually I make it down to A&C by 3:30-4:00 … But since it’s my reading week. I can make it down there when it opens. (3?) I’ll double check what that time is, but on the 22nd I’ll be there when A&C world opens till close.


Good shit, Toronto!!!


Damn I wanna come to this so bad, but it doesn’t look like I’ll be free for this. Next month is looking good though.

Somebody should cross link this to the Montreal, Kitchener thread if it hasn’t already been done.


Whoa whoa, the Montreal thread makes sense but the Kitchener thread? Who plays ST in Kitchener?

I’m not even trolling here, I genuinely would love to know who else has the addiction close to where I live.


Damn my bad lol. I meant like London or Windsor or whatever’s close to TO.