Super Turbo Ryu Combo Problem's

Hello, I’m sorry if tons of topic’s related to this exist on this website, but for the life of me I just can’t find it. :sweat:

I have the special anniversary edition of Super Street Fighter II Turbo for Playstation 2. My favourite character is Ryu and I have no problems with anything, save for one. He has a link which is Shinku Hadouken, but I just can’t get it to come out for some reason. Now in Capcom VS SNK 2, it’s such a piece of cake that I can’t complain at all. However, in this older game, it just refuses to come out no matter how hard or how fast I jam on the key’s. Like for example, I can cross up Cammy with, land, but then . . . no super. I don’t know what to, what am I doing wrong? Why does it work in every other game under the sun but this one? Thanks for your support. :lovin:


you cant rapid fire into (ie c.lkx3) into any special…

you have to do a different normal before u can two in one into special or supers…

ie… Rog… c.jab, c.jab, c.jab, S.JAB, super
if u dont add the s.jab u wont link it…

well how does ken do 2x into super???
well how its done is that u do 2x pause cancel a move into the super ie another … usually ken’s do 2x then into super refer above to know how to do it…

secondly two in one into supers isnt the same in ST as it is in CvS2
in CvS2 ryu into super =, df,f, d,df,f+p
ST ryu into super = d,df,f,d+mk,df,f+p

confusing yea probably… but u’ll get use to it… just practice … hope this helps :smiley:

Confusing indeed! :looney:

Yeah I really don’t 100% understand the old school Street Fighter II engine. I bought the special Street Fighter Anniversary Collection Offical Fighter’s Guide because I heard it was quite an excellent read. I got to the Ryu combination section on page 47 and under Super Street Fighter II Turbo Ryu combo’s, it said if I hold down and hit LK x 3, it would go into Shinku Hadoken. I tried another one it suggested too which is foward MP overhead on a crouching opponent, into Shinku Hadoken. It even has the little display windows of Ryu doing it. As I’ve said I’ve been trying this for hours without success, totally not understanding why it wasn’t working. Truth be told, I still don’t quite understand why it isn’t working. :shake:

Hehe, just too tell you one of my favorite combos for Ryu is the anti-air one. ST2 only I think… It’s foward, foward and then you land, and right before they smack on the floor unleash you Special.

i believe you can kara cancel to pull off that combo.,,, C.LK(cancel within first 2 or 3 frames), shinkuu hadoken