Super Turbo Safe Jump Illustrated

The ability to safe jump consistently is what separates the pros and the beginners.

Djfrijoles taught me to safe jump with shoto by watching for the second bounce after a srk. It is a great visual hint and help me safe jump successfully > 50% of the time with shoto (some characters allow greater margins of error like rog/guile vs shoto/sagat).

So I created this guide to illustrate how to safe jump with every character.


  • it will not make you a pro overnight, you still have to practice just like everything else (combos).

  • this is using frame advance and does not take into account your reaction time, playing online with input lag, etc. so put some extra buffer for your scenario

  • there might be wrong assumption in this tool. constructive criticism welcome.

Margin of errors when safe jumping various characters

SRK 4 frames

Jab/Strong SRK 2 frames
Fierce SRK cannot be safe jump

Fierce Headbutt - 5 frames
Buttdrop has a lot of invincibility so it might catch whatever normals you pressed after the safe jump.

RH up kick - 2 frames. Her up kick hitbox sucks so if you know your normals and distance it can be beat.

Balls hit on first frame but can be neutralized with the correct jumping normals

Lariat hits on 2nd frame, but the 1st frame has vulnerable hurtbox, so use a correct jumping normal as meaty and gief has to think twice before going for lariat

Flash Kick & Super - 5 frames, very beginner friendly for practicing your safe jump timing.

Reversal teleport - usually punishable
Sliding short or back jab - 3 frames start up, so if your safe jump timing is off by 3 frames it will beat you
Super - if you don’t jump with meaty attack and you’re 1 frame too late and sim can super you

SRK 4 frames. same as ryu but easier to cross up compared to shoto’s srk

Cannon Spike - 4 frames

Flame kick - 6 frames.
After the safe jump, the 2nd hitbox can catch you after you land. So be careful with the follow up. oshoto can safe jump + dp install. n shoto dp install will beat fk or trade

Dee Jay
RH up kick - 4 frames
MGU cross up - 4 frames
His up kick hits high, if you are close it’s much better to go for ground low meaty attack + option select.

Jab Buffalo Headbutt - 11 frames, easiest to safe jump but has a lot of invincibility. If you opt for throw after landing, rog can counter throw.
Super - 5 frame

Flip Kick - 5 frames

Tiger Uppercut - 3 frames. Sagat wakes up really fast. Eating a reversal dp from o sagat hurts. Be careful.

If your safe jump timing is really off, he can do an immediate jumping strong, or crouching jab/strong/forward.
Super - 5 frames?

This is rad, thanks.

wow, very nice.

This made me a pro overnight.

If you can make a corner bounce safe jump animation, then that would be super legit.

Thanks for this! Maybe this will help my crappy claw.

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Whoa that is AWESOME! Thanks for this Papasi!

papasi using hi tech now, well done!
pd : urkensuckstill lololololOLOlol <------------ joke, don`t be mad at me after :annoy:

Wow, awesome tool Papasi. Much appreciated.

that is SICK. I don’t have to rely on “fake” safe jumps anymore!

Wow, I have been playing all these years without knowing safe jumps. Thx Poopasi!

punch lariat n kick lariat data is wrong since its 1 frame Vulnerable start up: 7-5-5-5-5… (kick)
it should be 1-6-5-5-5-5…

I think Rog’s super isnt 1 frame only… its 1 frame before the super flash, after it theres still 5 or so frames where he is not attacking yet otherwise it should be impossible to safe jump in practice.

Thank you!

For your radio box frame numbers, (40-52 depending on which character is chosen, indicating the number of frames to complete a jump i’m guessing) is that number starting from when you input the jump command? or the number starting from when your character leaves the ground? I believe there is a 3-4 frame input lag even on the original arcade board (and for sure some input lag on xbl and ps3), I’m not sure if you’ve taken that into account…

that’s of course, assuming i’m correct in my assumption that the 40-52 frames indicate/change when you need to input jump.

Also, your target, the countdown, they all start at different times and don’t indicate when the trip actually begins, Maybe you can add a buffer so we can see and feel the timing…

eg. for the full knockdown, most people use the first bounce as reference to “start” the timing… I know i do… (at least for my old “fake” ones, that aren’t timed 100% properly) But for the regular knockdown you have them starting in mid air, without a starting point reference… maybe you can stick in a few frames and animate a character (any character) doing a HK so there’s a reference point. I know, the animation is slower than the actual game, but check out your blanka regular knockdown… and animate, it stops after 2 frames if you set it to animate (50 frame character), where as balrog it stops after 8. At least for me, I need a bit of buffer time, to watch for and prepare for the coming jump.

It’s hard to explain

but it’s a “feeling” you’re watching for the right moment, but you need to prepare for it. with some characters in your app, i’m unable to “watch” for the right moment if you know what i mean…

other than those two things I think the program’s great.

The numbers includes “input lag”. Actually it is an incorrect term to describe the behavior in the arcade board. There is no lag, the machine detects your input the same frame as you press the button. But it will do some processing / animation / intentional delay etc.

So if you have 0 reaction time, you should hit up forward as soon as you see that animation frame highlighted in blue.

Its actually interesting regarding this reaction time. My conclusion is that once you train for looking at the correct frame to jump, it doesn’t really matter.
Let me try to explain, the average reaction time is 215 milliseconds = 12.9 frames.
So in that case you should be looking at the animation 12 frames earlier. But that is incorrect.

I think the reason is that 60 fps is happening so fast your brain does not actually instruct you to hit up forward after you see that frame. Instead, your brain is watching the series of animation and automatically put in “buffers” to tell you that correct frame is coming. And compensate by doing it slightly earlier.

That’s why the “animate” button in that webpage is way more useful than the “jump” button.

Regarding regular knockdown. Actually I’m only including it as a reference. A lot of cases you don’t even have enough time to safe jump (like after cr RH). Especially against some characters like sagat. But in some situation it might (like knocking down someone in the air with jab?).

It is not useful to include the whole animation including the cr RH because… you can’t safe jump after a cr RH knockdown.

I don’t know how else I can help you to prepare for it, except knowing when it is a full knockdown and when it’s a regular knockdown and then know from experience if you have enough time to safe jump.

If you know you have enough time, then you start noticing these animation changes and hit up forward at the correct time.

These numbers are from t akiba’s website.
I’m not going to update the frame data until Old School BR and Born2SPD finished collecting the data using frame by frame advance.

nerd talk

they have the correct data of it in the ST wiki (1-6-5-5…) urs is wrong

they are not done with all the characters yet. what do you want that you can’t wait?

yussssss this is great, thanks so much.

why 1 frame diff bettween New n Old Chars?

because frame by frame advance said so?