Super Turbo Saturdays

It’s Saturday, and yet there is no Super Turbo Saturday clip.


sorry man, was busy all week working on fadc website that opened friday. it’ll be back next week.

I sure do miss Super Turbo Saturdays …

Seb busy this summer. Sorry!

Come on we need more super turbo saturdays!

if you want you can beat up on me and make videos about it.

I would like to see a super turbo saturday dedicated to the cammy vs honda matchup and how she can have a chance to win.

That could easily be one of the most unfair matchups in ST.

That, or Honda vs Ryu

N.Sim vs N.Sagat. O.Sagat vs Cammy, Dhalsim vs Guile and Honda vs Zangief are close, too.

blanka vs deejay

They already did Dhalsim versus Guile.

I would love to see the Honda, Deejay match explained. The poor fatboy has no chance in that one.

Claw vs Claw as it is the dumbest matchup in history.

What about Sim mirror?

Play Hondas that don’t use ochio option select

this gets my vote.

kusumondo has this as a 1.5 to 8.5 in deejay’s favor. i thought blanka had it harder because of the cr. mp of deejay’s. learn something new everyday.

Anyone that picks hawk after the other player already picked hawk is just a piece of shit and a bad person in general. The unwritten rule is first hawk first serve.

Hmm Honda vs gief is even worst imo(for gief obviously).