Super Turbo SF2: Evo Tactics Revealed

After attending Evo2k2 and watching the finals of this game, I have come to the conclusion that Super Turbo, or more commonly referred to as ‘ST’, is a simple game, based on traps and throwing and memorization. Not much skill is needed here so listen up:

Since 2 of the top 3 finishers used Dhalsim, here are some tips extracted from what I saw that Sunday:

The key to victory if:

–Someone jumps at Dhalsim

Standing Forward kick–this will prevent your opponent from getting ‘in’ on you.

–If somone is near you

Throw the ‘fire’ ball, the slow one, then follow up with a standing fierce to combo them while they are stunned.

More to come…

Since I will be attending N-Cubed and I heard they will be having Super Turbo, I will use these strats…and should do ok.

Not to knock the people who included this game at Evo2k2, but this tourney proved that this game should die and that no skill is really needed to win. Just pick Dhalsim

lol…dang you get rock so bad!

Are you an idiot? ST takes mad skill…

Actually, you have to work your fuckin’ ass off for a victory with dhalsim. If you doubt it, give it a try some time…that is why only a handfull of people play him. And super turbo takes mad skill, you can’t just rely on your supers all day like some other games.

LOL. The skill is in the thinking. There are no crutches aside from supers which allow you to make comebacks and they don’t even carry over to the next round. ST is pure strategy. If you’re shit is flawed, you’ll get owned. If you don’t know how to throw, you’ll get owned. ST is all about timing. Ask anyone. Comboing supers is harder on ST than any other game. Same with doing reversal dps. The cpu just wasn’t as forgiving as it is nowadays. As far as strategy and mindgames, ST has it all with speed. Basically it’s the last sf without a lot of bs in it. You can’t see it. Sure Sim is the best in the game. But Sim is no Cable or 3s Chun Li. Use Sim at N-Cubed. I don’t know how many ST players are going but…lol. Anyway, this was just to say that you don’t know what you’re talking about and you don’t know what makes a game like ST stand out from the rest. But hey, good luck with your experiment=)


Dudes, I was there and saw the ST finals for myself. Nothing more than throwing and corner traps. That is skill? No way. That’s just a flaw in the game’s design. True skill is not relying on patterns and counter characters (using the best characters in the game).

No offense to the top 3 finishers, but if they are at N-Cubed, I will show you my little experiment.

…that this is the most overrated sf game ever and that the only reason people still play st is because those people have no skill and can’t win at the new games. 'Nuff said.
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This is TOO true!

Why is this?

Less frames to cancel or some shit??

Aol Rulz-you will get rocked with Dhalsim if you are not experienced with him.

Well obviously this guy is a troll, but anyway…for the sake of some other people…

ST is like Chess in that at any given time there are probably only 3 or so things you can do that make much sense. But also like Chess in that if you make the wrong choice you can screw yourself. Positioning in SF2 is like pawn structure in chess, fundamental to winning.

ST has a lot of traps but they aren’t the exact same pattern over and over. Even in a match like Ryu v Honda. Sure, the basic idea is for Ryu to throw fireballs at Honda from 3/4 screen away and low sweep jump-ins. The key is when do you throw a fast fireball, when do you throw a slow fireball, what do you do if Honda jumps straight up over? You have 1/4 second to decide and if you decide wrong you might lose the game.

i stick with sim,rog and eh in st.

Nice trolling there:P Aol LOL.

Um…I will whoop you up on ANY game=) Ppl play ST because it’s a better game. You’re gonna get hella owned at N-Cubed. Oh wait, no one will know who you are when you get owned.

Let’s see who played ST and did well. Cole:also made the team for USA and is one of the best at that and lost to Japanese on cvs2. Shirts…Ok, I’ll give you Shirts:P Me? I was on the team for A3 as well. Choi…um…yeah. Watson, made the team in 3s, almost made the team in a3. Nelson lost to Japanese and wins in cvs2 all of the time. Point being, 90% of the ol skool players that own ST can own in any game. Not to mention that they probably play less than the average “kid” too.

Nice trolling. It’s always funny to here a kid talk out of his ass cuz he gets off on seeing other ppl reply to his bs. At least try to know what you’re talking about. You can’t play games so you have zero credibility as a game rater, at least try not to sound ignorant or the posts will just seem like trolling. Disguise it up some so ppl get confused and argue with you.

Another whiner lol. They just had a tourney in Japan too. What a baby. Having a problem with what OTHER ppl like? lol that’s too insecure for me yo. I’m out.


do u dare to chanllenge honda master in hk with yr gay vega?

Apoc owns you.

What is this trolling thing I keep hearing come up lately

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Hey Apoc i will play you vs me on DDR! Can you rush that shit down on max 300? :lol:

Dhalsim is definatly a skillful character :smiley: Unlike that scrubby Cammy

Oh man…this is too funny…

If ST was so easy then I (who had only played ST once before entering the Evol2k2 tourney) shouldn’t have gotten nearly perfected both games with Bison against Seth’s Balrog…hell, Seth is just “another brainless ST player”…right :stuck_out_tongue:

And no, Dhalsim is NOT an easy character to pick up. There are a lot of subtle finesses and ranges that you need to learn to be a decent Dhalsim player. And note, I say “decent”.

Trolling is when you purposely act like an ass to cause trouble and get people to respond to you.

The word comes from fisherman. In fishing trolling is scraping the bottom of the sea floor and picking up all sorts of crap. (Something like that anyway) So these trolls cast out their nets of stupidity in the hopes they catch some responses.

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