Super Turbo side tournament -- Meet up Friday night, Saturday tourney

edit: OK, looks like we should have something to run a tourney on, be it Supergun or Cab, for Saturday. I’m flying in Fri night and should be at Ceasar’s by 8 – if ST is set up by then, let’s meet up at the ST station and figure out when we can do the Saturday tournament. We can exchange cell numbers to help us run this smoothly. Thankfully ST is a fast game.

$10 entry I take it everyone is cool with, 70/20/10 split, double elim.

This is me, I’ll be wearing this Fox Hound shirt: I’d feel like a deusche pimping my own tourney by wearing a Season’s Beatings shirt …

I do have a set of Jason Wilson’s JAMMA–>PSX adapters, I could bring those so people can use their own PSX stick.

I asked fubarduck. He said his is like, 10lbs, so he doesn’t want to bring it. Anybody else out there with a spare supergun they wanna bring? We’ll buy you a drink.

Agreed. You don’t even have to bring sticks cos I can hook up the PSX adapters.

update: might have found one

we have a local guy here that is most likely bringing his cab.

Also has HF, Anniversary, MVC1, etc

That would be amazing.

All the same I hope we can get a supergun there for sure as well.

Yeah, that would be me. I am bringing either a cab or a supergun and I have an American ST board, both A and B. We’re golden. :tup:

GS man – can’t wait to see you guys there. Hopefully we can get support for a side tourney

Don’t forget to get the word out yo. Get a thread going in the ST forums, set up a date/time/whatever. And get the matches on camera and on youtube. Make it hype yo!!

Whoever wants to run it needs to start a thread.

Anyone that potentially wants to use my equipment needs to go through me. I’m not even sure I want to run anything organized outside of just casuals and stuff. I’ll decide when I’m there if anything is going down.

Outside of me, you might want to check with the guys that are bringing the XvsSF setup. My understanding is that there will be 2 superguns on hand for that. Just throwing out other options just in case I can’t guarantee any kind of organized event on my stuff.

Regardless of whether there’ll be an event or not, definitely good shit on bringing ST back to EVO. :tup:

I’d def love to run an ST tourney if you’re OK with it on your hardware. Any thoughts on when?

Honestly, I probably can’t plan for anything until Evo comes around. There’s an outside chance that I might even have to work on Friday 7/9, which WILL kill any plans for most of that day.

As long as there’s ST action in the building I’m happy with anything.

my sentiments exactly, hope to play all of you there!

Might not be as preferable as Bernie’s candy, but I can look into bringing my Dynamo stand up cab along with some ST. Let me know if this is the case cause I will make sure I get my replacement buttons put in by then and try to loosen the springs on the P360s.

If you do end up bringing it down to Evo Bernie, let me know if ya need help moving it.

You’re drinking on my tab, good sir. :tup:

Estonia’s finest, please.

Please make this side tournament happen!

I definitely hope to get in on some of this ST goodness