Super Turbo Side Tourney (Bernie's cabinet) Results

30 players, ran from 7 - 11:30 p.m. on Bernie’s Astro City

Got kicked out of the ballroom at 9 for Bang the Machine and ran this shit in the fucking hallway, that’s how we roll at Balrog’s stage, USA. Bracket made and run by me on corrugated cardboard. GOOD SHIT to Bernie for having the cab around ALL Friday and Saturday, allowing me to run the tourney, and helping us move the cab to finish the tourney!!! TOOOO NICE man, was awesome meeting you!

3/5, single elim due to time constraints, and we had some siiiick stuff. Props to Spence for taping it all – once he mails me the tapes I can get my dude to digitize them and we’ll post it up on YouTube.

  1. Damien “Damdai” $210 (NY)
  2. Biran “Ganelon” $60 (MD/VA)
  3. Zass $30 (WA)
  4. Alex “Gamertron” (NV)
  5. Thelo (Canada)
  6. Krost (MD/VA)
  7. NKI (Japaaaan)
  8. Marz Gottai (PA)
  9. Corrosive (MD/VA)
  10. Cesar “Mango Robocop” (CA)
  11. Ray “Kajoc” (KY)
  12. Bernie (NV)
  13. Ken “DGV” (CA)
  14. Chris “Ghaleon” (OH)
  15. Greg “Madgrab” (CA)
  16. Chris “Mr. Igloo” (NV)
    Raphael "DS"

Thanks guys for playing, it was fun fun. ST hype, hope to see many of you guys again in October

Looks very exciting. Why didn’t the old school japanese player kuni entered?

Looking forward to any videos if recorded.

Thanks for all the people who make this happened. Long live ST

EDIT: hey I found a pic

SF2 on SNES?

thanks for all the hard work, bernie and ghaleon. it was a lot of fun. sorry if using my happ stick was an inconvenience!

Ghaleon: Thanks a ton for running with the organization for this. You did a kick ass job IMO. I have no problem bringing in the equipment, but I was totally not excited about having to run any tournaments this year. Good shit on getting an exiting event going. I’ll see you and Fugee in October for sure. Let me know if you need me to bring boards or whatever else within reason and I’ll take care of it.

Thanks to everyone that joined. I’ll likely take a more active role next year in organizing and we will be bigger and better going forward!

That’s sweet Bernie. An extra board or two would be faaaaantastic. You are the champ. Also next year I’d be happy to run it again, plus knowing that ahead of time, we just arrange more hype

We didn’t any Japanese players in because this was pretty spur of the moment, and tracking down anyone in that ballroom was pretty rough. I definitely wanted to ask Daigo and Tokido to play, but I doubt they would have if I found them since this was so small and it would have taken most of their Saturday night.

Spence did record the whole thing – I don’t know his board name though. Maybe I wrote it down on the bracket, which I want to scan and post, haha. He said he would send me the tapes and my SB DVD guy will digitize them.

Yeah, I was happy to run this. Was def happy to get as many dedicated players as we did. ST deserves it. Can’t wait to give the game spotlight at Season’s Beatings. It was no prob running the converters – that sucked that they went wonky when we moved the cab (the connection was just loose, but agreed w/ Bernie saying to leave them off for time/ease)

this shit was sick i wish i seen it earlier before getting food and once i came back for Bang yall was playin couple feet away from the entrance doors. maybe next year ill join,get scrapped and have a good time but props to all those who set that up and join showin ST love!

ive just purchased an ST board and a supergun, so i can hopefully provide more ST goodness for seasons beatings as well

Ghaleon: I think Spence is dublo7

thanks a ton for running this Chaleon. Really awesome job. I’m glad we finished it. For what it’s worth I live in Washington state now so my state should be WA instead of CA :slight_smile:


Bernie – GS, I got his phone # as well this weekend and will give him a PM + call this week. We def need the tourney matches online.
krost – that’s fucking great man!! Also, are you going to Summer Jam? I’m gonna try to get someone to bring a cab or supergun for ST (I can only bring a board/PSX converters)

Also, it’s funny that I just found this out at SBO ST quals in TN, but those converters DO let you use both the arcade stick controls or a PSX stick (no need to unhook the kick harness each time like I was), I just didn’t know an extra connection had to be made. Sorry for the confusion everyone. Next year’s Evo we will be straight.

Also, to pimp Season’s Beatings – please stay tuned this week for some official stuff in the tourney forum – finally – on SB – ST will be a big part of it!

Ghaleon - unfortunately i cant make it to summer jam, been off work too much lately. definitely taking off for SB though! also, great news about the converters! the supergun i bought has the same converters built inside of it, very similar to the canadian XVSF supergun.