Super Turbo Solo 3on3 ($50 pot bonus!) - CTF New York - 7.12.08

SSF2T tourney at Chinatown Fair
Location info

Fifty dollar pot bonus courtesy of Damdai!

Solo 3 on 3 (for real this time!!)
Singles tourney where each player picks three characters at sign-up and then matches are played elimination style until one person has lost with all three characters.

  • Duplicate characters OK

  • Akuma NOT OK

  • Blind pick first character

  • Blind sign-up*

  • Saturday, July 12th

  • 6 pm sign up. 7 start.

  • $5 entry

  • $50 pot bonus!

  • 70-20-10 split

  • Turbo 3

  • Coin flip for sides if anyone cares

  • Double elimination. Random seeding

  • or post your selections in this thread just for the fuck of it. Like so:

NH2 - Blanka, Blanka, O.Ryu

sounds cool! sorry i couldnt make the st tourney you guys had last weekend it sounded real good. Ill be at this one

Sabin - Dhalsim, Dhalsim, Dhalsim :looney:

I got some melty blood that day, but I’ll see if I can make it to this too.

I’ll be there after the Melty Blood event hopefully.

Anakron - Dictator, Dictator, Dictator :rock:

I guess ill pick ryu ken akuma

What part of “NOT OK” do you not understand?!?

Heh, nah, I hope you can make it!

PS Check your pms.

Fuck you guys.

I hate Dhalism forever.

You should allow akuma so I can use akuma/v-akuma/cyber akuma.

If i make it i’ll use 3 dhalsim

This sounds like fun.

Vizard- Claw,Ryu,Claw.

ahhhh! its my wifes birthday on the 13th so we have plans on the 12th and 13th. grrr i need to get to the Fair! its been years!

I just want to say that it’s good to see people getting hyped over ST, and also to see someone like Nohoho trying to organize things for it. It’s little grassroots efforts like this that will keep the game alive until STHD is released. I wish I didn’t suck so hard on US controls :tdown:

3 of the same char might as well make it 3 out of 5 then =/. But i understand the point of this set up

Vega, Gayga, LA V(B)EGA!!! There you go! :slight_smile:

Fei-Long, Neo Fei-Long, Fei-Long Zero :nunchuck:

Last week CPU sagat juggled me with two tiger uppercuts. Traded one with a jump short then did another. Two or three hits total.

ill see what’s up

but damn i only got cammy, cammy, and cammy lol

Shadoloo army!

**Sumo Splash/Kasumond Honda c. RH-Oichi Throw Splash FTW!!!/j. sh to knock out Cannonballs for Knee presses up the Bichazz!!!

Great to see Honda in 4…that means MORE BUTT SPLASHING!!!