Super Turbo throw defense


I played SFIV for a few years and have just started playing ST.

Currently the main problem I have is with throws. They’re much faster than in IV and IV has many ways of escaping them whereas ST doesn’t.

The sense I have is that you have to be knowledgeable about the situations where throws happen in different matchups, otherwise you’re getting thrown. I say that because it seems like I’m seeing a lot of different setups where some move is done in a way that leaves a character suddenly near you, and then they throw (pretty much every time). Is that totally off base or is there some general tell for throws I’m missing? Do they mainly need to be predicted?

Also, what should I do if I know a throw is coming? It seems like there’s no escape a lot of times.


throw them first, do a reversal, and jab can all be good choices depending on the situation

and yes throws are actually strong in older fighters so you have to actually be afraid of them


Piano your character’s throw buttons. Usually this means going HP~MP~MK (and HK if you can). This won’t work however if their throw range is bigger than yours, and they are outside your range but inside their’s.


Thanks, I’ll give that a try. I imagine if you got that down perfect you would effectively change the counterthrow window from 1 frame to 3 or 4 (vs perfect tick throws)?


Wow, that made a world of difference. Just did a long set where I tried that after ticks and started pianoing reversals as well. That shit is actually really easy, feels more like SFIV again.


Keep in mind that because of how frame skip works there are scenarios where no matter how good your timing is, your reversal will fail it the frame skip happens to land right on that reversal frame.