Super Turbo - Tips for Dee Jay?

So I got SFAC for the PS2, and I’ve taken a liking to Dee Jay in Super Turbo. Thing is, I’m having a little trouble…

How should I take care of Dee Jay’s charge moves? As in, how should I charge them efficiently in a battle? All I can think of is crouching block, and I’m pretty sure there’s more…

Any combos for Deej?

How do I get Deej’s Super color in Super Turbo? Just wondering, because I always preferred his original color.

Thanks in advance,
Icecap Veiwin

dee jee smoke furity smoke from dirty blnaka jungle juice

what the fuck?

Main BnB
cross up foward, cr jab x2, dreaded kicks (Anti-air one), wait and juggle with super.

Just download some Absolution 2k4 vids of The Prince playing. He placed 3rd with Dee Jay at that tourney. You can find those vids on the Go For Broke Hub.

there’s already another thread

i managed to connect to the goforbroke hub, but what do i do from there? when i double click names, nothing happens.

nevermind, i got it working