Super Turbo Tourney Update

we are using the Dreamcast version of the game, most likely the TDC version of DC ST with the dip switches already on to replicate the accepted tournament standards.
if anyone can bring a second TV, we can run this faster, if not, no big deal.

I will bring my TV, it is a 27".

awesome, this is so we can put my second Dreamcast to work…UNLESS in the interest of filming we stick to just one TV…actually…bring it anyway, i know what else we can use it for

What speed?

im partial to Free Select 3 or Turbo 3 i couldnt tell too much of a difference between these particular speeds

Well we should pick one before tonight

Should we just go with fixed turbo 3? It is the default, after all

I think Turbo 4 should suffice. It is far from the crackhead speed of CCC2.

well, we’ll be testing the speeds out at my house once Keith and anyone else gets here

You guys should pick up the japanese dynamic duo and give Julius Blaze a ride. After the tourney, we are gonna get drunk. No homo.

i THINK thats the plan

If that is the case, then it’s is fucking on.

drunk and then ST cabinet @ my house w/ portland + japan


I will be late since im waiting for Mandel so please have you rmoney out and be ready to sign up when i arrive please so i can quickly make the brackets so we can start at a decent hour this time, thank you.:lovin:

damn release like 5 diff version of a game claiming its “Arcade” perfect yet its not and it sucks. Dumb fucks at capcom.

ps why did it take so long for people to notice the mistakes?

wat was the ST tourny results at preppys just curious.

Results thread.