Super Turbo Training Mode for PC, with HUD / hitbox / input display + cheat


it is the lua library dll. it is already known that it’s a false positive.

if you can’t run that without your av messing it up, download LUA yourself and install it. then copy the flagged file from the LUA installation to replace it.

there is a rom or roms folder. double check the content of the zip file before unzipping.


This is excellent, very very nice job. Most definitely a very valuable tool for every ST player. Just one quick question, is it possible to order the dummy do to things like block or jump ?


Take a look at TRUST to do that: Trust


Alright cool, I got mame running now, thanks. However I can’t get ST running. I got New Challengers working though and I can see the hitboxes and everything else.

But I need the ST 11.3MB version. The one I have is 5.4MB. I’ve been searching all over for the 11.3MB version and I CAN’T friggin find it. If somebody could PM me the address where I can get it from, that would be appreciated. Or email the file to blitzfu at Any help would be great, thanks.


Read the files inside the Roms folder.


Ah fuck, I’m an idiot. I was reading the notepad files, but couldn’t see it even though it’s right in front of me. Thanks guys.


I read your post a while ago and didn’t really understand what the program was about. Today I spent some time learning how to use it, and it’s amazingly useful. Lots of possibilities and it takes training alone to a whole new level. Now the only thing missing is a way to randomize the moment at which the dummy does a particular move, to practice doing things on reaction.


That throwbox tool is amazing. I’ve been playing around with it and I can finally see why Honda is so hard to throw. His white box is so small compared to his size.

I also see the difference between Blanka and Dhalsim’s throw ranges (which is when Blanka’s yellow box touches Dhalsim’s white “throwable” box). It’s not much, but I’m sure good players can get it right almost every time.


What are the lua hotkeys? I see options for toggling throwboxes, but I don’t know what the actual hotkey itself is.


If you’re talking about the yellow boxes, they don’t appear unless you actually press towards and Fierce (or Strong/RH/Forward). The white boxes appear all the time, but not the yellow ones.

Once you open the lua window with Ctrl L and run the hitbox script, then you can set the hotkey to whatever button on the keyboard you want. To set the hotkey, press Tab and go into input (generalf). Then user interface, then scoll down to Lua custom hotkey and set them there.

There are 5 hotkeys, so I set mine to 1,2,3,4,5. When I press 5, the white throwboxes appear, and then pressing toward and Fierce (even if you’re out of throw range) will display the yellow box briefly. You can then press P to pause the screen.


Thanks Blitzfu, that works. I hadn’t realized that the yellow box only appears briefly, I was expecting it to be there all the time :). Is there a way to play in 1/5th speed, like in mrdhalsim’s TRUST tool? I was thinking it would be really great to use this to verify the t.akiba throw range data, which as far as I know was done visually on dreamcast. This would allow us to have much more accurate throw data, using the HUD which gives exact pixel ranges.

edit: Also, what is the green box for? I see the white/yellow, and blue/red boxes, but also a green box.


all the throw ranges have been documented when pasky added the distance hud

Move                                        Distance advantage compared
                                            to previous move
                                            (pixels / in game counter)
--------------------------------            --------------------------------
Point Blank                                0
feilong                                    31
thawk                                      2
balrog/hp                                  1
sagat                                      2
cammy                                      1
deejay, guile                              1
ryu, ken, zangief/super                    1
vega                                        1
zangief/lk suplex                          1
chunli                                      2
mbison, balrog/mp, zangief/throw|mk suplex  1
dhalsim                                    5
blanka                                      5
ehonda                                      2
zangief/hk suplex                          2
ehonda/oicho                                3
thawk/360|super                            7
zangief/spd                                18

t akiba’s data is 95% accurate


The green ones are pushboxes. They determine whether you can pass through or crossup a character.

Edit: I agree that Akiba’s data is very accurate.


Thank you for compiling that papasi! That’s a really great service to the community. I had no idea Thawk’s throw range was the second worst in the game!

Is the a way to run the HUD in slow motion?


The most accurate test would be the in-game distance, which is shown by fagsky’s HUD. You can advance a point, attempt a throw, and so on, until it works. Some throwboxes have no meaning, such as Zangief’s in World Warrior or Balrog’s in Super Turbo, as they somehow have proximity requirements to be activated. They may look big, but they do not show up unless you are close. Thus, with the exception of the in-game data not being the exact pixel data, T.Akiba’s throw ranges are correct, as far as I know.

I believe you can change the processor frequency in M.A.M.E. I also believe Dammit has, somewhere in his blog, a lua that removes frame skipping and projectile slowdown from HF and Super Turbo.

Edit: Dammit has news about CPS-2 throwboxes, not sure if you guys have checked it.


wow great link to the Dammit blog, I didn’t know about that!


The throwbox tool is so much fun, I’m like a kid in a candy store.:clapdos: There’s so much stuff I want to explore, but just off the top of my head, I checked a few things out. BTW if anybody has any requests to capture images of some throws, lemme know.

Typhoon vs Oichio and SPD:

ObviouslyTyphoon beats Oichio, but surprisingly, not by much. About the same difference as Blanka vs Dhalsim, thanks in part to Honda’s narrow white box. This is assuming that throws in ST go for the white box and not the axis. I’m pretty sure they go for the white box, as the ranges feel right in practice mode. I made sure that I was close enough for the yellow box to touch the white box, but no where near the axis, and it still throws.

Huge difference, almost 3 or 4 times as much as Typhoon vs Oichio.

Torpedo vs SPD:

Torpedo is definitely unthrowable while fully airborne, as evidenced by the black box (assuming the black box means the character is no longer ground throwable):

There is a brief period after the invincible startup, when all versions of Torpedo are ground throwable, but not once Honda is visibly airborne.

Devil’s Reverse:

According to YBH, DR is ground throwable for the first 7 frames. I’ve seen matches where Bison’s DR was thrown by Hawk, and Bison’s feet were almost to Hawk’s chest. But according to the throw boxes, he’s only ground throwable for a short amount of time, barely a few pixels off the ground. I tried all versions of DR, they all seem to be the same:

And of course, Shoryukens are ground throwable, and those throw boxes prove it.

I would also like to know this.

Did I miss something? What’s wrong with Balrog’s throw in ST?


I fucking knew it. Scumbag capcom. there is no point in even trying a block string that will get you in a sweet spot. The only semi reliable way of typhooning honda is with the sako walking 360.


Heh, yeah. Sakos were created especially for Honda LOL.


You you sure? Ken’s Fierce one actually avoids ticks! :smiley: B2SPD found it out while messing around with Dammit’s hitbox lua cos of the Wiki.

Say you pick Ryu. Any time you press towards or backwards and any button but Jab or Short, he will attempt a throw. You may be at the other side of the screen, but your Ryu will still attempt to throw, albeit in vain. At any distance, he will try it, and when you are finally in range, you will succeed. Balrog’s throw is not like that. When you press Strong or Fierce from full screen away, he does not try to throw. You do not get that big throwbox of his trying to grab his poor enemy, you just get the normal. You keep approaching and it still does not come out. Until, at a certain distance, the box appears if you press Strong, but not Fierce. It looks like you are closer than needed to grab, but if you step a pixel back, no throwboxes will appear, and you will not throw. If you approach the opponent a bit more, both throwboxes come out, and you can hold with either Strong or Fierce.