Super Turbo Training Mode for PC, with HUD / hitbox / input display + cheat


throwbox was added after i uploaded the zipfile, but you can download the latest *.lua files and replace them

sf2-hitboxes.lua and ScrollingInputDisplay are here

latest HUD is here


How can I run multiple scripts at the same time?
Yesterday I managed to run the Hitbox + Heads Up Display script at the same time, but I’m not sure how.


You’ll have to hack the script yourself (they have main loops and you need to combine them)

Because pasky already combined his HUD and the hitbox display into one script.


read the text file inside the ROMS directory, people.

mame team loves to mess with the rom (parent rom, sibling rom, blah blah blah)


Sorry, I didn’t notice the rom in the txt file was 11.6MB. Found a 11.3MB version elsewhere.


Sir, you are a God among men!


Wow… this is awesome.


Nice work, its fun thx


Great stuff, thanks for all the tips. I just downloaded the zip folder, unzipped it, but there is no roms folder. There is only one folder called mamerr. In there, there is no readme file or exe file. There are 12 items, most of them dll files. How do I run it? (BTW I have GGPO up and running already with ST on Windows 7)

Also, my antivirus detected and quarantined a trojan virus in the zip folder, you might wanna check into that.


it is the lua library dll. it is already known that it’s a false positive.

if you can’t run that without your av messing it up, download LUA yourself and install it. then copy the flagged file from the LUA installation to replace it.

there is a rom or roms folder. double check the content of the zip file before unzipping.


This is excellent, very very nice job. Most definitely a very valuable tool for every ST player. Just one quick question, is it possible to order the dummy do to things like block or jump ?


Take a look at TRUST to do that: Trust


Alright cool, I got mame running now, thanks. However I can’t get ST running. I got New Challengers working though and I can see the hitboxes and everything else.

But I need the ST 11.3MB version. The one I have is 5.4MB. I’ve been searching all over for the 11.3MB version and I CAN’T friggin find it. If somebody could PM me the address where I can get it from, that would be appreciated. Or email the file to blitzfu at Any help would be great, thanks.


Read the files inside the Roms folder.


Ah fuck, I’m an idiot. I was reading the notepad files, but couldn’t see it even though it’s right in front of me. Thanks guys.


I read your post a while ago and didn’t really understand what the program was about. Today I spent some time learning how to use it, and it’s amazingly useful. Lots of possibilities and it takes training alone to a whole new level. Now the only thing missing is a way to randomize the moment at which the dummy does a particular move, to practice doing things on reaction.


That throwbox tool is amazing. I’ve been playing around with it and I can finally see why Honda is so hard to throw. His white box is so small compared to his size.

I also see the difference between Blanka and Dhalsim’s throw ranges (which is when Blanka’s yellow box touches Dhalsim’s white “throwable” box). It’s not much, but I’m sure good players can get it right almost every time.


What are the lua hotkeys? I see options for toggling throwboxes, but I don’t know what the actual hotkey itself is.


If you’re talking about the yellow boxes, they don’t appear unless you actually press towards and Fierce (or Strong/RH/Forward). The white boxes appear all the time, but not the yellow ones.

Once you open the lua window with Ctrl L and run the hitbox script, then you can set the hotkey to whatever button on the keyboard you want. To set the hotkey, press Tab and go into input (generalf). Then user interface, then scoll down to Lua custom hotkey and set them there.

There are 5 hotkeys, so I set mine to 1,2,3,4,5. When I press 5, the white throwboxes appear, and then pressing toward and Fierce (even if you’re out of throw range) will display the yellow box briefly. You can then press P to pause the screen.


Thanks Blitzfu, that works. I hadn’t realized that the yellow box only appears briefly, I was expecting it to be there all the time :). Is there a way to play in 1/5th speed, like in mrdhalsim’s TRUST tool? I was thinking it would be really great to use this to verify the t.akiba throw range data, which as far as I know was done visually on dreamcast. This would allow us to have much more accurate throw data, using the HUD which gives exact pixel ranges.

edit: Also, what is the green box for? I see the white/yellow, and blue/red boxes, but also a green box.