Super Turbo 1st Tournament Champion (Biran Su, Maryland, Vega) d Damdai
Super Turbo 2nd Tournament Champion (John Rambo, Connecticut, Dhalsim) d Damdai
Super Turbo 3rd Tournament Champion (Damdai, New York City, Ryu) d DSP

This is your official US Super Turbo Toukegi 2010 Super Battle Opera Qualifying Team.

1st Alternate-DSP
2nd Alternate-Chris Doyle
3rd emergency alternate-NKI

Super Street Fighter IV Results (47 entrants)
1 Damdai (New York)
3 Josh Spoon "ragingravensrk"
4 Isaac (Houston, TX)
5 Shawn McCool
7 Patrick
7 Jacob Ford
9 Charlie
9 Fenix
9 KrazyKorean
9 Zach Marquette (Ohio)
13 Jan
13 IMmortalBMW (Indiana)
13 Eddie
13 Shin Blade
17 Cale
17 Bryce
17 Steve
17 Eugene
17 Jacob Sparks
17 Kris Nelson
17 Graham
25 Bishop
25 Khristian
25 Cimo
25 Chris Brown
25 The Muffin Man (Los Angeles, CA)
25 Matt
25 TAD
25 Agentz
33 Tony Phadonee
33 Gary
33 FlyMike
33 Richard
33 MAC
33 Larry
33 Martin
33 NeoBlood
33 Scott Gann
33 Azure Phoenix
33 Kelly
49 Gin
49 Blinky

Tekken 6
1st-Shin Blade

Super Street Fighter IV Team Tournament
1st-Team Dream used Dan so Tennessee would have a chance and Damdai still beat everyone (Damdai/DreamTR) (Ryu/Dan)
2nd-Team Blacks on Fire (I seriously forgot the name and just made one up) (Jacob Ford/Doom) (Dudley/Ken)
3rd-Team Plinko (I forgot their team name too) (Wootsick/Josh) (Bison/Rufus)

Thanks to everyone who made it out for the trip and helped out, I’m going to pass out, I know a lot of you came a long way for this, and the Super Turbo comp looked to be brutal for you guys…

Johnnnnnnnnn Rammmmmmmboooooooooooooooo!!! I love you mang. Blow em up in Japan.

Much respect to the ST qualifers. So happy Dhalsim will be represented again!!! Props to Damdai, Rambo and Brian. Have no fear in japan. Your first night there will be rough on the games, dont let it discourage you, just play your game and beast on tourney day!!!

You guys have a very strong team!

Good Luck Folks, wish i could go and support!!!


Already congratulated you in like two other threads, but fuck it. Good shit, Biran! You definitely helped me understand ST and SFII in general when I was in MD, so it’s great to see you get this tournament spot. All of you guys played hardcore both offline and online to get those spots. This is why it’s great to be an ST player. Take it to 'em in Japan, guys!

Fun tournament, glad to come up and rep Texas and meet some cool people.

GS to Shawn McCool we had some close matches in the tournament can’t wait to play again.
GS to Rambo, Biran, and Damdai really good matches and for Damdai finally finishing first after finishing second twice.
Fun 3s games with AgentZ.

Good shit, Biran.

Congrats to Biran, John Rambo, and Damdai! Vega/Dhalsim/Ryu is a great team, and all three characters have great players playing them.

Good shit, congrats to Biran, Damdai, and Rambo. Since Phil’s an alternate, that means he’s going, right? Because I wanna see another like vlog thing with Rambo just fucking shit up in Japan.

gratz Biran you’re vega is amazing as always

Solid team!!! Don’t go 0-1 again! Rep the U.S. at SBO!!!

good luck

GS Biran…

Yeah good luck guys don’t go one and out plz.

Good shit Rambo!


it was nice meeting so many folks for the first time in ST and SSF4, and great seeing lots of people again after a few years

great job to the qualifiers :smile: we all want you guys to do well in the tournament!

Wilson, thanks for hosting dude. i have been wanting to hit up another Wilson tourney for awhile now, and i even attended MWC this year if ya know what i mean. haha

also met Jacob Ford and he was nice enough to take pictures with me. cannot say i have ever met a pro football player until now :tup:

Thanks for coming out man. It was good to play with you. Looking forward to getting some more games in some time.

Hey what’s up man. Glad you came out!

GGs to everyone that came out and supported the SBO Qualifiers. Despite my performance i had a fun time overall and am ready to do some more travelling myself.

Congrats to the winners for ST and congrats to ShinBlade and Damdai for winning Tekken and Super SFIV respectively.


Since that was my last tourney for a minute I want to say thanx for the experience. Had fun fighting all the new people.

Shin- anytime you wanna run it back the mm just let me know.
Cody- I felt like the scrubiest steve in the history of scrubs.
Damdai- great ryu. Wish I could’ve played some casuals
Cylus- ??? Did he show up and me not know. If so I’m sad missed out on playing you. Hopefully another time.
Shawn- appreciate all of the effort in you recording everything. Great matches as always.
Dream- no homo it’s always a pleasure.

Wish I could come out to Shawn team thing but NFL… ;-(

See you all after the season. Peace :rock:

Nice meeting everyone! Glad to see such strong support for ST! I hope everyone keeps playing and participating in events as they come. Also, congratulations to team USA (Ganelon, Rambo, and Damdai)! All of you guys well deserve the spots you won.

Special thanks to Steve Tren for helping me after the tournament!

way to go Biran!!!