Super Turbo: Vega (Claw) Thread

Just starting this up, I’ll post some stuff later.

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He can do some links in ST that don’t work in CvS2. Damn i forget them but apoc uses them in the MWC vids.

Basic Vega: When in range, poke a lot. When you knock them down, fierce roll for chip, followed by low strong xx jab roll. Low forward x 2, low strong combos, as well as fierce roll xx low strong does. Two roundhouse flip kicks is a 3 hit combo.

I have a thread for this over at . Just search for either threads started by me, or with “ST: Vega” in the topic.

it contains a lot of valuable information.

Thanks, I found your thread. There were links to apoc’s srk thread but none of them work :frowning:

Wow, I remember this thread!!!

Well it was only listed twice in Dasrik’s sticky :slight_smile:

Where is that stuff you’ll post later? I need to learn all your strats so I can own you when we meet.

low strong cannot be cancelled!


I was reading through the old men talk ST thread, and there’s a guy named vega-x who posted a link to his ST Vega strategy guide:
It’s a good read.


Yes it can guy.

so what’s the full combo?

low forward x 2, low strong, claw roll?

The full combo is 2 low forwards then low strong. No claw roll combos after the strong. You can roll for added pressure if you want though, but it can be reversed of course. Cancel the strong with different things for mixup, like down, up+p, or my favorite…down, u/f+kick to jump off the wall behind your opponent.

i will check it…

What part of “c.strong can be cancelled” don’t you understand?

I think he was talking about low strong comboing into roll. Which doesn’t work.

i mean u can’t c.strong xx roll.

You can c. strong to kickflip though.

Here are some 5-hit combos. There may be more, just not that I know about. The first is c. short to fierce roll. I’ve only gotten it to work in the corner so far, though. Pretty good damage on it. The other You can also do a j. short to c. forward to rh kickflip. I’ve only had limited chances to practice this so far, so I haven’t landed a second rh kickflip yet, but I’m assuming you can do on the end there because you can do it in any other circumstance. If that’s true, this is a 5-hit combo as well. It’s good damage without the extra rh kickflip, and with it it’ll be pretty sweet.

Come on, how can this thread only have just over a page? Vega’s the coolest character ever, keep it going.

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I don’t think I have any cool stuff though that y’all just have to hear.

However a topic that has been neglected so far in this thread is throwing…

remember to try things like jab roll and then throw, or if you get in close to them throw in varied ammounts of standing shorts (knees) into a throw.

Another thing that goes along with the knee into throw is when you knock them down, time a jump over them so that if they try to dragon punch it’ll whiff behind you. If they whiff well then do whatever you think is best. But if they stay put on the ground as soon as you land behind them you can try for a throw that might connect or if they try the same y’all can cancel out with a throw break.

Or instead of going right for the throw immediately, if you think it’ll help land on the other side of them and do a single short (knee) and then throw them.

Obviously throws are powerful in this game and when you’re using quick characters like Chun-Li or Vega I say go for them. :lol:

Yeah throwing with Vega is nice. He’s fast enough so that you can run right up to players, jump over, and throw them upon landing. You can sorta abuse this against opponents without quick reaction times, especially when they use characters without good quick anti-airs like Bison (psycho) or Blanka. It’s useful against anyone for surprise factor, though. Against a good opponent you’ll only be able to do it once, and they’ll be on their guard for it after that.

If you’re poking a lot with Vega and your opponent has learned to expect the pokes, you can be really gutsy and just run up to him and throw him. If you’ve established the poking game, chances are they’ll be waiting for a c. strong or c. jab or something from you whenever you get close enough to do so, giving you time to run up and throw him. Doing this will “throw” the opponent off, and having a confused opponent is always a good thing.

Something to do against characters with high jumps is to run under the jump and throw as the opponent hits the ground behind you. For example, say a Chun Li just jumped at you. You have a few options. You can block, hit her out of the air, or run under her. If you choose to hit her, just stand there and do a s. rh or use a kickflip if you’ve charged one. If you’d like to run under her, however, you can just let her jump over you and land on the other side, awaiting a throw from you.