Super/Ultra Combos that can be Focused / Red Focused


Thanks guys for all of the comments! I’ve compiled them into this handy list - for Super Combos and Ultra Combos. I plan on updating more stuff when Ultra comes out for Red Focus mechanics (seeing as they absorb an infinite amount of hits).

**If you find more, please post them and I’ll add them to the list!
FD - Each Focus must be dash cancelled
RF - Red Focus can be held through attack
X - Punish Time!

Adon - U1 - FD/RF - Block, Absorb (x2) - X
Cody - Super - FD - Absorb (x2), Block, Absorb (x2) - X
C. Viper - Super - FD/RF - Absorb (x3) - X
Dan - U1 - FD/RF - Absorb (x1) - X
Dee Jay - U1 - FD/RF - Absorb (x5) - X
Dhalsim - U1 - RF - Absorb (x5) - X
E. Honda - Super - FD/RF - Absorb (x2) - X
*Gen - U1(Crane) - FD/RF -
M. Bison - U1 - FD/RF - Absorb (x2) - X
Makoto - U2 - FD/RF - Block, Absorb (x3) - X
Ryu - U1 - RF - Absorb (x8) - X
Ryu - Super - RF - Absorb (x5) - X
Sagat - Super - RF - Absorb (x) - X
Sagat - U2 - RF - Absorb (x8) - X
*Yun - U1 - FD/RF - Block (x1), Absorb (x3) - X

I’ve been looking around for a list of Characters + Ultra combos that can be focused - either one or more hits. I remember watching a Desk video and seeing it happen (Basically it was a full parry of an Ultra), but even now I forget who’s Ultra it was and who was focusing it.

Anyone have any insight? Or should we compile a new list?


Out of the top of my head I believe it was makoto u2 and sagat was “parrying”.

And of course dan’s lol

There are a lot of ultras that arent true blockstrings but I never bothered to check if the hits break armor.


Last hit of Yun Ultra1
Everything but the first hit of Makoto U2.
Dan Ultra1 ( won’t be the case in USF4 )
Fei long Ultra1

A few other I don’t remember


I think Dan’s Ultra 1 is a Armor Breaker…if not just in Ultra SFIV.

I think this thread has some relevance because if it’s not a Armor Breaker, it can be Red Focused and could prove to be useful info later on.

Ryu’s d Ultra 1 is Red Focus-able.
Ken’s both Ultra’s are Armor Breaking
Chun Li’s Ultra 2 is Red Focus Bait, Ultra 1 Armor Breaks
E.Honda’s Ultra’s are Armor Breaking
Blanka’s Ultras is free to Red Focus.
Guile has no armor breaking Ultras.
Dhalsim’s Ultra 1 can be Red Focused.
Sagat’s Ultra’s have no Armor Breaking.
Bison’s Ultra 1 can be Red Focused, Ultra 2 has Armor Break.
Only Gen’s Crane Ultra 1 isn’t armor breaking.

Those are the only ones I remember off the top of my head…


you can actually block then focus the last 2 hits of yuns ultra with a focus dash into focus dash ultra of your own if you want to style/build ultra so you can ultra with more meter


Thanks for the help guys! I’ve added everything thus far to the list. I’ll have to take it to the lab to get all of the correct stats.