Super Video CD's & VCD

What’s the differents between the 2…

also my Video CD’s I burned from Nero won’t work on my Xbox or PS2

As far as I remember, SVCD uses MPEG2 and an higher resolution than standard VCD to give much better quality. I think SVCD’s also had the option of a DVD like menu.

As for the Xbox & PS2, not sure about the xbox but can the PS2 even play VideoCD’s? I don’t think it can… you might be better burning as a mini-dvd and trying that instead?

I’m using Nero 7 to make Video CD’s, I don’t see an option for a DVD option for a CD & plus a don’t have DVD burner

I think VCD & SVCD are like VHS & S-VHS but on a CD instead of a video cassette, as stated above VCD has a specific format that needs to be matched before burning the CD otherwise the CD will turn useless.

I saw a chipped PS2 playing Divix movies but not a VCD and i don’t know anything about the XBOX.

The easiest way possible is to buy a cheap DVD player with Divix playback feature or you can convert your movies to the VCD format before burning them.

^-- Ouch, brain hurt.

As noted, VCD == MPEG1. SVCD =~ MPEG2.
If your device (Xbox 1 or Xbox 360?) supports VCD, you’re in business. Otherwise, move on.

Not sure about version 7, but I remember in nero 6 it was definately there. Anyway it’s not guaranteed to work either. If I were you I would bite the bullet and drop 15/$30 on a DVD ReWriter, - will save you a lot of time and hassle.

I have been through these different formats starting like 7 years ago from VCD, to SVCD and now to DVD. I don’t wanna sound like a party pooper but I’ll never go back to SVCD or VCD format. The reasons are simple:

  1. Prices of Cds are nowadays higher than DVDs
  2. For SVCD, you need at LEAST 2 CDs to have a good quality picture versus only 1 DVD
  3. DVD image quality is way beyond SVCD
  4. DVD takes mpeg2 as well as SVCD so instead of taking the time to convert files into mpeg2, why not use a better media?
  5. DVDs have more options (menus, chapters, multiple subs, multiple stereo audio,…)

Yeah so to sums it up, no reasons to go with SVCD. Enjoy.