Super Vs Battle 20-X General

Since there are less than 2 weeks to go before SVB is live, I thought it was time to post a thread to get some hype going and maybe arrange to meet up with other players, or just discuss your chances etc.

The event is at:
Byron Hall
Harrow Leisure Centre
Christchurch Avenue
Harrow and Wealdstone
United Kingdom

Here’s some info regarding SSF2T HDR:
Xbox 360
99 Seconds, 2 rounds to win
No Akuma
Played 4:3 on a CRT
Turbo 3
All other settings default

Pool play is 1 match to win (out of 1). Top 2 or 4 advance (depending on entries).
Bracket play is 2 matches to win (out of 3).

HDR pools are being played on Saturday 21st August and finals will be on Sunday 22nd August.

This will be my first tournament. Don’t rate my chances at all because I’ve been playing terrible lately (could be the D-pad is still stiff on this new pad, or maybe it’s knowing that SVB is around the corner). I’m pretty much going simply to show support for HDR. I know I won’t do anything great, but I just hope I can make the top 2 or 4 of the pools. I’d be really happy with that.

Going into London on Friday to hit up some ST arcade. Don’t care a damn about SFIV at SVB to be honest. I’d rather miss that and play the game that bought me here.

Any thoughts on potential winners (Daigo aside)?