Super VS Battle 20XI - 12-14th August (London, UK)

As you will have no doubt noticed, the announcment is missing SF2. This is a sad trend. First EVO drop SF2, and now events closer to home; VS Fighting and SVB also appear to be dropping support of it in favour of newer titles.

While I appreciate this from a business point of view, it’s still sad to see especially given that there are people who I’ve spoken to who didn’t attend previously but want to attend now. I wouldn’t be surprised if the HDR turnout would have been bigger this year than any previous year.

So I just wanted to put this here to raise awareness of this event, and discuss our options (if any). I don’t think requesting SF2 or making a noise for it would be pointless, because the brothers that organise the event said they rediscovered their love for the game. I’m also pretty sure that the turnout for HDR was double that of Blazblue (a confirmed game) last year.

I want to know if any of our European players are willing and able to come to the event? Last year I met Planet RV, Fuulani and Cuongster, so I’m wondering if anyone else would be interested should they decide to host SF2 (I’d like to push for HDR but I’ll play anything, even if I have to use a stick which I’m useless at).

I think possibly one of the problems might have been lack of setups since downloaded games are tied to the console ID, not the gamertag. So some machines only had the trial version when they were hooked up and offline (since they probably red ringed at some point and the owner didn’t transfer the licenses or something). In that case I’m willing to bring and Xbox or two (though I don’t have a car right now so the less the better). I suspect other members of the HDR community would also be willing to lend their hardware too.

So what do you guys think. Is it worth trying to contact neoempire and make ourselves heard, or do you think it would be a waste of time?

I’m highly tempted to go either way, just as long as most of the guys who went last year also turn up. Would be great just to go out for some beer and food and hit some ST on cabinet. Either way, I think this could be a great weekend.

We should all just switch over to Marvel 3. Its actually really fun. Better then SSF4.

Edit: my post was pointless, I removed the comment.

Well, if you think they can include SF2, then go for it. But people are better go and make it work.

Unfortunately, I think that certain people have driven a wedge into the SF2 community and this has at least partially caused tournament organizers to drop HDR. These people have taken a scorched earth policy. If it isn’t ST, it can’t be anything. I don’t think it’s possible to bring HDR back as a tournament game under these conditions.

I think ST is the last of their concerns, in general. I say a number of SSF4 players are not aware there are better fighters out there, for instance. Anyway, as said, if they can get a SF2 in the line-up, then great, if if they do that and people do not show, this is worse than not including it.

Sad but true.

Looking at neo empire forums it looks as though, ST will be featuring, as a throwback tourn…

If you want to see HDR at SVB, you gotta vote for it. It’s up against 3S and KoF. Unfortunately 3S already has a 20 vote lead and I’m not sure HDR can catch up.

We know that the HDR community is fading out. A lot have moved on to ScrubFest 4, some have gone to ST and others like me have just fallen out of the loop. So let’s do this. Vote for HDR, and mention SVB to all your friends. Don’t just assume that everyone knows about SVB, because I was surprised just how many people don’t.

Posting some updates:

[SIZE=16px]Ono is coming to SVB 20XI!![/SIZE]

[COLOR=#00ffff][COLOR=#5977ac]King of Fighters XIII will be at Super VS Battle 20XI[/COLOR][/COLOR]