Quick Results…

Super Street Fighter 4 (Singles)

1st- Arturo “Sabin” Sanchez (Team Sp00ky)
2nd- Super Min (Team Sp00ky)
3rd- Craig “Gridman aka T-Hawk Guy aka One half of even Stevens” Stevens
4th- Rob "W3aksauce aka T-Hawk guy’s brother) Stevens
5th- Da Wall
5th- Lucky D

Super Street Fighter 4 (Teams)

1st- Arturo & Super -Min1 4/20/12
2 tom and merkilo -burrito grande
3 budha weapon remy blue when doves cry
4 rob and craig even stevens
5 korea lucky d super J
5 Steve dave cb and paul wall
7 great friens cp and tom
7 fuck blazblu
9 c bipson
9 taco bandits
9 air grab
9 I said
13 treasure hunter g spot
13 bike money
13 Mingo
13 No Joystick
17 h8ocracy
17 last entry
17 smokey
17 hongos
17 money over bitches
17 platanos
17 i dont know

Marvel vs Capcom 2 (aka the greatest fighting game of all time!)

1st- Tony B (CT)
2nd- NerdJosh (Team Sp00ky)
3rd- CB (Canadia)
4th- Wilson “illWill” Bergo
5th- Rob Stevens aka Steve Robinson (0dd Stevens)
5th- Shankar (DenJin/4oucious/Empire/Team H8/RI/NYC/yo moma’s house)


2 arturo
3 Craig S
4 Wilson
5 vigilante
5 super J
7 go bob
7 matt
9 effulbao

BTW Shankar originally posted thats why it was gay as fuck sorry

First thanks to the guys who brought setups thx guys much appreciated if you have an event and need two setups let me know!

Thanks to everyone that came and supported love you guys and for the locals who came by be sure to come by for wallcade on saturdays if more people show ill do it twice a week. dont be afraid to ask me to play or for some tips If im not sure I can find out for you! This weekend has woke me up the SF scene is definetly growing and so will Wallcade.

Shout outs to team spooky BLOW IT UP! thx for coming guys Imma step my shit up and come visit the sp00ky spot and ofcourse ill bring some FYA!

BTW Thumbs down to VIC FOR NOT SHOWING AT THE LAST SECOND! (Art I would have picked you up if it was just you damn man) Im not mad shit happens just dont want people to think I lied to them about the stream.

See you guys on saturday! PEACE!


Full singles results and bracket on TONAMENTO.COM for those who want to see how they did.


Full singles results and bracket on TONAMENTO.COM for those who want to see how they did.

Team Korea was LuckyD and Super J
Doves Don’t Cry, Buddhist Weapon and Remy Bleu
The Great Friends was CP and me

GG’s to everyone i played against in teams…paul wall, merkilo, super J, vigilante, craig…and the ryu, sakura, balrog player (sorry i dont know your names).

It was good seeing everyone again, and it was nice meeting you Min.

Edit: When Doves Cry = Buddha’s Weapon and Remy Bleu

Always a good time making it out to the wallcade tournaments. Wish I could have played in teams but my teammate was fucking up that day. Good games to everyone, see ya at the next.

Damn Art a week worth of wins.

good shit to everybody that came out.

keep comin out and keep mashin buttons
shout out to everybody i know

thx tom I fixed it apolagies

Hey, great tourney. All those Balrogs messed me up though. (he’s like…my weakness). Oh well. Just want to say, I have to work every saturday, sadly but if you make a 2nd day, I’ll make sure I can go to it. As long as it’s not tuesday. Props to Paul for setting this up and props to everyone for coming. Glad to see there is a local scene.

ggs to everyone i played. The food was awesome and thanks wall for hosting. Any footage of the mvc2 games? I wish I could’ve stuck around to at least watch that shit.

GGs and good fuckin times with the old heads! Nice to see everyone again!

yo, Wall 1st in HDR. good shit for holding it down. ggs CB, wish i coulda played against you more in casuals

special shout outs to ILLEST OF WILLS, MIN, LUCKY D, ASIAN THOMAS and SHANKAR for helping to run the tourny