Super Wiring

I have a few super wiring jobs coming up, and I’ve done a bit of research. But I still can’t come up with what brand or what type of cable zipper, or sleeve or w.e I should use. I’d like help on which brand, or style or type would be best to use. Thank you.

Super wiring comes in many forms… There’s no specific brand. HIt up your nearest electronics store for parts for some 26-30awg multistrand… But before that, hit up your supermarket or brewery for some beer to get started. Good luck.

Ahh… I’ve heard that the greats, get drunk :D. Then go at it thanks James! love your works btw!!

cough james… we have a problem, I can’t seem to find any multistrand higher then 18… <.<!

where are you shopping?

you can always hit up a fry’s or you can ask other james for the super special wire store

but there’s the art of secret wiring and the super hidden art of discreet wiring

…Omg so I gotta like study the ways of a super wiring ninja… is there a book… or a manual for it?!

also anywhere online Im ok with ebay and amazon and stuff, even checked radioshack etc. Can’t seem to find it anywhere!

no, the skills are transmitted with an array of visual and audio interaction mixed with alcohol
however some people like B15 have found the route on their own through meditation and training

tl;dr go to hangouts

Ahh… I see I see… so basically dubstep and the best vodka I can find…! Though the meditating route may be better for my ears, and liver…Hmm I’m still researching and looking found some nice looking cable ties, but they are overused imo. Though I spose whatever works.


i’m on happy hardcore or some D&B
generally a lot is anime sounding

touhou music works too
as long as it isn’t those weird happy sounding ones with those cutesy vocals

If you’re going to be practically gluing the wires in place I don’t think multistrand is that critical. 30 gauge solid is going to snap if you breath on it, but there’s really no reason you need to go that small unless you’re doing some painful pad-hacking.

That said, don’t come looking for me if you use solid and it breaks when you mash too hard.

Touhou <3 I kinda want to pm you this song that’s been stuck in my head, I love painting and modding while listening to it haha! and uh well hmm still no where with my searches anyone else have some inputs ;O!

well what can I use to basically hide the wires I do use, and or make the look pretty :smiley: and neat I should say!

He actually went through us.

oh no wonder

the secret of super discreet is 30 gauge lol

This is all kinda going over my head… lol how is 30 gauge discreet o-o… if you don’t mind me asking?

30 gauge is a hair

and super discreet is like my style of wiring
essentially its done to make it look like the pcbs are standalone when in fact they are actually connected

somethign like this
if i had green 30 gauge, i would have used it

Wait so that long snake like thing is a 30 gauge?~

the 30 gauge is the black hairs on the fightpad pcb
that long snake is techflex with a lot of 24 gauge stranded wire

Oh shiet… I didnt even notice… those 30 gauge… fucken pro…