i love rolling into his final atomic buster super

OK…that’s great. So what’s the point of this thread?

Hobo, I live in Ontatio too, represent.

A serious tactic with gief. Roll or jump. Then start your 720 at right if the opponent is on the left and vice versa. When you finish the 720, press punch for atomic buster on block. Press kick and you’ll get his aerial slam super, for those jumping fools.
Master that and you’ll land 10x more supers with gief.

roll into grab super, with gief, :confused: ?

Don’t be too predictable with the roll/jump into 720 though. It’s nice that you metioned you can mix it up into the kick super, I didn’t think of that, but if your opponent always know you’ll roll/jump into the 720, it’s not good cause they’ll know to avoid it. Some other options:
Dash --> 720
Walk --> 720 (I have NO idea how people do this, but it can be done…a lot of practice and a very VERY fast stick motion I guess?)
Short jump --> 720
JD/Parry --> 720 (Even if they know you like to do this, there’s nothing they can really do about it…except try for multi-hit moves. Even then, a parry --> 720 would get them before they hit you, iirc)
Wakeup --> 720…They must be pretty dumb for this to happen though :smiley:
Whiff move --> 720 (Examples are jumping lk or mk, banishing flat, etc. Just make sure it whiffs)