Superarts 2 , and xbox?

Well i Have SF ANNiVERSARY for xbox and i cant seem to do the SUPER ARTS 2 moves.



d,d,d + PP

ive even tried in training, i have a max super bar and i do the commands but it just wont work, is there some sort of secret to executing it ? or is it doable on the xbox version… im lost


Thank you for your time.



the demon input is as follows:

for the raging storm (KKZ) special, just tap D,D,D (fairly quickly) and then PPP. the special can be done by using only 2 punches though.
goodluck, have fun.

It just takes practice. Lp, Lp, ->, LK, HP, relatively quickly. Its been the same way in every game Akuma’s been in.

Thanks a bunch , i can land it most of the time now. now just implementing it into play.


any time you do the demon, you should include a :mp: into the command, like this.


so you kara and get more range

Kara demon losts invincibility frames, non? So in certain cases, normal demon is better i think(and really easier to execute)…

True. I myself like coming out of a block animation with it. I with the demon it’s easy to get carried away and forget how useful two fireballs are or a charged (on a stunned opponent) KKZ is.

^^ co-sign

Like I once mentioned before, I’m almost forgetting how to use the demon because I’ve found SO MANY useful ways to use SA1

How do you charge KKZ?

Wow. I thought you were the Demon man Naz’.

Hehe, I’m saving my demons setups for critical times.

Everyone HATES falling to demons, and I’ve gotten people with them so much that they’re beginning to smell my setups whenever I’m in position.

To illustrate my point - I landed 5 demons today out of about 30 matches - and I think 4 of them were wake up demons :rofl:

Ah, the ol’ faithful wake-up demon. :rofl: I remember one time where I was playing Son of a Glitch on Live. I was practicing my demon execution before the match started. Little did I know that I executed another one at the beggining of the match by accident and I ended up catching him with a Demon for the first attack of the match. :rofl:

The problem with telling a relatively noobish person to add mp to the demon is that it requires timing that he will have a really tough time learning on his own… especially if he’s just learning how to execute the normal demon.

And is it true that KKZ is also known as “hand of god”? I heard it somewhere, I just forgot where (not sure if the source is reliable or not). Anyways, you only have to do two punches for the KKZ, but I guess you can do three to be safe and secure.

a lot of people call kkz ‘the geyser’ around here. ive also heard lightning punch.

i noticed that when you the small hurrican, then punch, then kkz it only lands it when your opponent has low health. try it for yourself…

my friends call it the gateway to hell.
strange, but interesting.

Earthquake fist.

KKZ means gateway to hell from what I remember from an FAQ I read somewhere…