SuperCade / GGPO match-making Thread

Mostly Supercade users. I know you are out there, the people that can’t ggpo and want to play ST, VS, XVS, KOF98 with competent folks…:wgrin:

Anyways, post here if you are going to be playing and we can all meet up.

I generally play mornings (9am - 12pm) during the weekday and all sorts of hours during the weekend. STOP LETTING THIS WONDERFUL PROGRAM BE A GHOST TOWN FOR US PLAYERS!

I’m trying to learn Real Bout 2. Would love to play to play Kizuna Encounter (favorite of mine) and try out Art of Fighting 2.

I play in supercade:

Art Of Fighting 1/2/3, KOF 94/95/98/2002 , Realbout 1 / Special / 2 , Garou MOTW and Samurai shodown 2

In ggpo:

KOF 98/2002, Garou MOTW , ST/3s/CE

Love to get down on some st or vs if anyone is interested…hit me up in here if you want to play I will check this thread all day thoughout the day.

dbostick for both, see you later. 3S for SuperCade, ST for GGPO.

I just got GGPO a few days ago and would be down to try supercade. I was grinning ear to ear when I first got to play SF2 against real people online. I realize that I’m really bad though, so if anyone’s got free time to play against me I’d really appreciate it. I’ll try any game and would love to learn from getting beat-down, just give me a PM. On ggpo my account is: hungry2learn.

hey guys trying to get some games in on GGPO but I can’t even get it started. I can meet up someone on Supercade as well if that’s better. I’ll need a link though, the one I used to use doesn’t seem t want to work.

Oh yeah I am trying to play any SF. I don’t know any of the other games. Maybe Garou!

Ill get at you soon ( not to soon but soon lol.).

I play 3s on supercade, get at me. Deadmanwonderland.

I am Player 2 on SuperCade. I play Super Turbo and am willing to pick up some Vampire Savior :slight_smile:

I play Super Turbo and Hyper Fighting on GGPO and Supercade. Average skill level, and Honda is my main.

I’m also trying to learn how to play Last Blade 2, so it would be nice facing some other beginners.

Hello, I’m new to SRK/GGPO/Supercade and fighters in general. I need someone to teach me how to play ST around early to mid may please. Dont laugh, i’m not good and the most awesome combo in the world is jump heavy kick, low heavy kick.