Hello this thread isnt to bash ggpo or anything like that, but i recommend people to start using Supercade or if you havent, to give supercade a try. It has by far(imo) the best netcode yet. Not only that, for vista users(atleast for me) it runs way better and smoother then ggpo. Also whats great about it is that it is being Constantly updated. Amazing job to Damdai the god. :china: Anyways Thanks.

GGPO is still superior to Supercade for playing ST. If you properly configure GGPO it should run just fine. If you do not properly configure GGPO then it won’t run optimally. I don’t know what motivation you have to continually discourage people from using GGPO but it’s overly annoying. Damdai must really appreciate having his name mentioned next to criticism and slander of GGPO because it has been happening a lot lately.

“Supercade over GGPO” <-- LOL. Please just shut the fuck up already.

How many times do you and the rest of the DontBlowThis crew have to badmouth or slander GGPO before it stops? Weren’t you the one on the stream last week saying that you couldn’t play ST offline using GGPO as well? Ever heard of ggpofba.exe? How can you objectively evaluate GGPO when you don’t even understand some of the basic functions of the program?

GGPO is the past, present, and future of online ST play. If you want to promote other ways to play ST online, like Supercade, then go ahead. Anything to keep ST alive is fine by me and most other ST players. Supercade provides another outlet to keep people playing ST which is great. But to start a thread encouraging people to quit using GGPO is disgusting. Without GGPO there is probably no ST scene today. And without GGPO there wouldn’t be much going forward either.

GGPO is still the future of online ST and likely always will be.

Supercade over GGPO, son.

The thing that is actually updated is probably a good contender for “Future of online (lol) ST.”

Supercade as of now has a better netcode.

Nobody plays Supercade.


Play GGPO.

The ST crowd isn’t exactly the type open to change so don’t hope for any mass exodus to supercade to ever happen.

Yeah so agree with that… Supercade is a great choice to keep ST alive and i don’t see the point to insult marsh just because marsh thinks and says that he feels SC is better than GGPO.

This is an open forum doesn’t it?.

GGPO vs. Supercade is the new ST vs. HDR. Delicious!

They’re both the same to me, you can catch me on both. I still prefer ggpo because supercade for some reason has this weird slow down lag every few minutes when I connect with people and I’m not the only one, it really bogs the game down, not sure how damdai is handling the netcode, don’t really care because it does a great job when it’s not doing that.

Either way, still like GGPO more.

Also hate how damdai has the chat censored almost to being a nazi. Can’t even say “Sucks” and shit like that. Also, not being able to chat in the lobby while in game is annoying…shrug

Are you butt hurt in every fucken thread? Seriously, shut the fuck up about the ST crowd, we get it, your ass is sore.

Unfortunately it seems I get the same frame skipping under windows 7 in supercade as in ggpo :(.

They run about the same for me also, I prefer supercade though since there’s no spectating if you want without having to kill chat. One thing though people don’t talk in supercade I noticed. I know if you’re in game you can’t but people that aren’t in game rarely reply if you say anything.

I like Supercade over GGPO as a point of preference, but mostly because I just find it more stable. It still has frame skipping in areas, I just don’t hear it buzzing at me.

The main thing is that “online future” is hilarious. Sure guys, let me know how that Wiki and online matches do at Evo for either game. I’m sure some folks told me in the first place that the wiki and online matches are such a significant development for the offline community. OH WAIT IT WASN’T.

Online is a compromise. The fact of the matter is I still get to read shit like “Guys, what’s Final Round?” even with these wonderful online devices. The area we should be pushing languishes while we focus on the convenience of online when there’s no overall quality connections in this country to substantiate its legitimacy.

I think online has a place in the future, but right now validating it was one of the dumbest things I’ve seen. Especially when Daigo can say “Wow, your internet is terrible.”

so true… self destructive mode on

People have become complacent and accustomed to dealing with GGPO being the way it has been over the last few years, but it is NOT a good frontman for p2p. The choice may be obvious for some, but for others, it’s important to know that p2p gaming doesn’t have to be this way.

You don’t have to deal with having to stack challenges and open multiple windows in order to get a connection to work.
You don’t have to deal with getting spam challenged 50 times in a row from some asshole.
You don’t have to deal with chat spam when trying to communicate with people.
You don’t have to deal with a server going down multiple times a day.
You don’t have to deal with receiving dozens of challenges when you’re already playing.
You don’t have to deal with ghost users in the user list that you can’t challenge or receive challenges from.
You don’t have to deal with incorrect speeds.
You don’t have to deal with annoying connection disruptions whenever someone spectates.
You don’t have to deal with downloading a hidden, buggier client just to be able to ignore people.
You don’t have to deal with being confined to a single room if there are multiple games that you enjoy playing.

Ya, I really like all these points, the fact that it actually connects first attempt is really great. I really don’t notice any difference in actual play, except maybe ggpo is a little more responsive, probably because I set input lag to 0, and supercade probably defaults above 0. I think supercade is gonna grow to supersede GGPO. I also like how supercade has a lot of Co-op games to play, something ponder always kinda shook his head about whenever they were requested. I kinda miss being able to spectate, but I understand why it isn’t in there and the replay system is.

So far so good, just don’t like the restrictiveness of it, but hopefully things will get ironed out, it’s looking great so far.

Tabbed messaging for PM’s would be fucken awesome, I hate having to scroll up to see if a private message was sent to me.

just want to put my vote in for supercade, it’s superior to ggpo in every way. it’s only a matter of time before people realize it and switch

it’s also being actively developed and will only get better, while ggpo will be stuck as shitty as it is right now forever

come to the light my friends

Off topic…I would love to play you if you ever get some time, on GGPO, PSN HDR, or supercade…

Big fan XD.

LOL, Marsgatti is so easily brainwashed. Supercade may be the better platform (dunno, haven’t tried it), but regardless, is it just me, or has Marsgatti transformed into Damdai’s puppet? Quite amusing…

That is all. Carry on.

Don’t bother, he sucks! Just kidding, his Guile is really great.

Im entitled to my opinion and i dont think it was neccesary for you to say STFU to me when im just stating an opinion. If you read the first sentence i wrote it stated and i quote " **Hello this thread isnt to bash ggpo **or anything like that, but i recommend people to start using Supercade or if you havent, to give supercade a try". Funny it seems like all you ever do is bash people anyways, but hey thats your problem. Also, DontBlowThis had nothing to do with my post so i dont get why you even choose to bring them up. Now if you like ggpo, then by all means continue playing on it. All i was saying was for people to give Supercade a try and see how they like it, and from what ive heard including myself, alot like it. Maybe if you showed up to events and tried helping the community more you wouldnt have this belligerent attitude. Take care of yourself and godbless you sir.

Yeah, it’s definitely a mutual admiration society. So romantic and touching.

But this is what you do: play innocent. Like when you posted about your ST gathering in the HDR events thread. “Oh, I didn’t mean to cause any trouble”. It’s the same thing with this thread. You are either naive or being duplicitous.

And this is the get-out-of jail ‘nice guy’ card that you always play.