Supercade might go down for good [OCT 2014]




GGPO isn’t working right now and supercade is. What is going on? works, but the forums and the service are down. Is it being DDOS’d again?


It’s probably just the hype beasts


It’s not been working for at least 3 days now…




has happened before for stretches of time.


Is 3s even worth playing on Supercade?



You’d have more fun and learn more about 3S by tweezing the hairs out of your ballsack than playing it on Supercade.


donating for the worst port of 3S outthere . lol no thanks.


Yea, Supercade on 3s is weird lag compared to ggpo. Although both aren’t great, I think the lag style of GGPO 3s is easier to play in.

Also supercade has weird port issues even though all my shit is open.