Supercade or GGPO?

Glade 2df is coming back strong. I for one done with GGPO, it was pretty good till the mods stop communicating with the scene and GGPO became infested with jerks/ hacks. Supercade have the same problem but manageable.

I hope for one day to the statics system to return but revised to not be easily exploited. I thought it was good networking tool, especially the character usage.

I’ll say that now that supercade is a stand alone program and not web based it’s really good.

Also, thank you Damdai for adding a BC macro to Real Bout 2. The little extra mile is always appreciated.

This is another reason why I advocate supercade over GGPO now. I see all the time people (as in SRK’s higher ups) talking about how great GGPO is and let’s support it etc etc, yet I haven’t seen anyone of them on there in probably at least 2 years.

I think the recent updated client is a pretty light program. There are no speed issues cornerning game emulation, no frameskips. As long as both players have good connections and fast pcs, they can play any game with minimum input delay.However, the high pings(100ms or higher) still have the less optimal netplay.

This only applies to CPS3 games. For every other game I am able to play pings and players that I am unable to play on GGPO. These include 150ms pings from ny to brazil and turkey.

thats pretty BA

Not browser based anymore!!!

I can actually leave it open and afk and just come and go as i please and get matches! FINALLY!

my bad, but i didn’t see those options anywhere and in the chat you even confirmed that there was no afk. i’m only seeing it now it this new version w/o the screenshots. thanks for implementing it.

also, there was an annoyance w/ the older version that still exists. when a challenge is issued, you can’t scroll through the player list. normally i wouldn’t care but when you highlight a flag in the challenge box, the name of the country doesn’t show up (it does when you do it from the player list). if the ping isn’t shown, knowing their location is the only way to judge whether or not to accept.

How do you send messages while challenging?

I’ve tried 3S on Supercade and it’s not worth it. The delay is heavy. It’s like a half second or so of delay.

The same way you would while not challenging.

As a side note, everything but 3S runs really well on Supercade. I played a Japanese dude and it was near perfect. I gotta’ try out Arclive since the last update, but I can only find the Chinese in there.

tried to sign up but never got password on email

tried gmail and yahoo

halp?? :confused:

The email was sent. Check your junk folder.


dont give a shit.
i only use supercade when ggpo isn’t working or i wanna play some coop games.

So… as seems to be well known, GGPO is basically unplayable in windows 7. But it’s not due to the netcode, but rather due to the emulator being used, as the same problem exists offline.

Does supercade use an emulator without these problems, or does it basically also not work in windows 7 (ie frameskipping, input dropping etc)?

Uhm, I have it on Windows7 64 bit and GGPO runs fine.

Im sick of fools always saying ggpo is unplayable on Win7 cuz its just not true.

just change your layout to classic mode and it flows like water. Simple.

I’ve had no problems with GGPO in forever, but I can honestly say that supercade/2df is way better. Only problem I see is that their are alot of people playing that are outside the US. You can usually find someone in your region for the most part though.