Supercade SF2 Hyper Fighting Star Cup Tournament


You think you’re good ? You think you’re OG ? Bring the noise motherfucker !
Lets see what you got in fundamentals !

GGPO SF2 Hyper Fighting Star Cup Tournament**

Sept. 14th 6pm ( Mexico Time lol )

Every participant picks a team of 3 characters before the tournament starts. You put your 3 characters vs the other players 3 characters. First person to kill the other players team wins the match and advances.

Double Elimination

Grand Finals can be reset if the player coming from losers wins the first set.

Tournament will be streamed by Sergiv, hopefully with commentators

Matches will be recorded and uploaded

Date and Time to be announced but look for it to be in about 2 weeks


Must pick 3 different characters.

You can play them in any order you want throughout the whole tournament

Pay attention during the tournament. DQ’s will be distributed like a bag of dicks at a phag farm. I have no intention of delaying this tournament. Test me if you want lol.

Tournament is open to Mexico, U.S.A., Canada, and Europe. If you want to participate you know what your getting yourself into. Don’t bitch. Relax and play some old school SF2

In case of a situation where 2 people can’t connect there will be a coin toss. Can’t really think of any other alternative.

Post up your team and day and time suggestions.

**Registered Players and Teams

*eltrouble : Ryu Guile Sagat

hanasu : Guile Ryu Ken

DNGRS PAPERCUT : Ryu Ken Zangief

Decoy : Blanka Guile Ryu

MegamanX-8 : Ken Zangief Sagat

BoboGlory : Sagat Claw Dhalsim

ultracombo : Sagat Ryu Claw

MangoRyu28 : Ryu Guile Dictator

Ev1L : Ryu Sagat Guile

AngeloW88 : Chun Li Sagat Ken

fakeakagi : Guile Ryu Ken

djfrijoles : Ken Ryu Zangief

Wadeoc314 : Blanka Ken Guile

Paskis : Ryu Guile Sagat

Old Mastah : Ryu Ken Sagat

CVital Sagat Ryu Blanka

Fromo : Blanka Ryu Guile

The SF2 Hyper Fighting Thread

Sounds good. The best time for me to play is any weekend night, or during the Saturday Arkadeum show.

My team is Ryu, Guile, Sagat.


aka team scum

i’m in if i can make it on whatever day, not sure of my team yet. gotta practice.


ryu, ken, gief


I subscribe to the church of Sanford Kelly baby.


Add me please.

Blanka, Guile, Ryu


Add me

Ken gief sagat

Aftet 9pm est on weekdays


Sagat, Vega, Dhalsim


I’m in. Sagat, Ryu, Claw.

HF Ratios? Maybe one day.

5 pts 3 char max

Ratio 3

Ratio 2.5

Ratio 2

Ratio 1



A pretty good idea, although personally I’d put Blanka up in the ratio 3 over Guile.


I’m in. Will be going with Ryu, Guile, and Dictator.


Im in, ryu, sagat, and guile


sign me up Chun, Sagat, and Ken.


Guile, Ryu, Ken


First post updated with players and teams. Up to 12 players. I thought for sure the Battosai Bros. would jump on this lol.

Everyone that registered please get at me on GGPO in the ST room, through Skype (djfrijoles) or PM here so we can make sure you’re all set up for the tournament. Don’t want anyone trying to get the files all set up come game day and have to have the other player waiting.

Also need to do some more testing to make sure I worked around the desyncing problem. If I can’t get past it I might have to move the tournament to Supercade so if that’s a problem let me know and I’ll remove you from the players list. Having Supercade is another option to play your match in case of a problem connecting to your opponent.

If I do have to end up moving it to Supercade then there will be no stream so keep your fingers crossed that only certain stages are the culprit for the desyncing. The save state I made is for the Japanese Rom and that helped quite a bit.

Tournament will be during a weekday and most likely start in the early afternoon since its double elimination. Not sure how long it will take but I’m guessing not long because of Hyper Fighting’s damage and dizzies lol. Don’t want to run the tournament late into the night.


Why no stream on Supercade? Also why early afternoon on a weekday?


Just stream the replay right after the match.
If its on Supercade, I can play, since that emulator is playable on my PC :slight_smile:


Darn it’s only 12 players max? Like others said just steam the supercade replay


I never thought of streaming the replay. It’s not 12 players max btw. I was just saying that we are at 12 now lol.

Supercade makes having every match recorded super easy and I’m sure everyone wants damdizzle to play so if no one has a problem with Supercade then we can move it over there. Makes me a lot less worried because I thought I had found a way around the desyncing but I had a problem the other day so…

As far as the day and time is Saturday the 14th ok with everyone ? I do want to start early though because I hate being in tournaments late night when everyone is fighting hard to stay awake just to watch grand finals so Saturday early afternoon.


If it’s gonna be on Supercade, count me in.

Blanka, Ken, Guile