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barry allen and jay garrick are flashes from 2 different earths. they are the start of the multi-verse in dc, it was a way to explain why they both existed.


lol @ That Stark tech


By now Lena has to know who supergirl is…


Just make MMH brain wipe her.


Black Siren VS Purity would be epic!!!


didnt know saturn girl was a bollywood star lol.

Is the legion show actually gnna be a thing?


lena knows who reign is!!!


yeah it is. most likely part of the new on demand


Lena will use Reign to her advantage because…

She’s a Luthor…


5 week breaks suck!!!


Coming back on April 16, 2018 because of Legends of Tomorrow…


So, yeah, do they know who Rain is now…


Decent episode.


yup it was…


So, Samantha Arias/Reign is like Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost. Both struggling with their alter egos.

Purity is like Black Siren I guess…

Also, When Reign told Samantha, “they are coming for us”. It meant that the other world killers are coming for them. Also, Reign and Sam are the same person. She’s just wrestling with her inner demons…


Reign is bad ass. The actress is bad ass too!

Also, it appears that the worldkillers in the CW series can accept that they are world killers and have free will (as seen in yesterday’s episode with Purity). Which means that Reign can do the same…

Was wondering what would happen if because of Flashpoint, The Legends and The Flash screwing up timelines and universes and have one of the villians come to New Orleans (The Originals); what would happen?

Would one of The Flash or Supergirl villians or The Green Arrow villians have a chance VS Marcel Gerrard or one of the Originals…


Amy Jackson is still unfairly hot compared to everyone else on the show.


I literally watched this season only for her, so I’m done now.
I’ll just watch when Lena reveals that she knows Supergirl’s identity or the last two episodes since it looks like we’re getting fillers next week.


Lena may already know. An epic encounter would be Season 2 Zoom/Zolomon VS Reign. Both are batshit crazy!!!