Supergirl: The TV Series


Agreed with the nice ass shot about 10mins in. Why is Jonn martian kissing his niece. WTF, I know they arent related but erm… MartianCest?


She’s not his niece in this show.


Lover? Once you go white, you know its right! ;). If you go green, it will make you scream!


No one gonna talk about how hot supergirl looked tonight in that tighty whiteh at the end? Before Mon-el hit her with the Dick of Justice?


… damn spoilers! lol


I was right. Supergirl show is about to fall off and get canceled soon…


Supergirl was already renewed for a 3rd season…go away.


Mon El is right. Everybody is too happy to see it. Way too convenient. He’s definitely the Prince BTW.


Welp, Mon El called it!!
And man, it is damn good to see Jonn in live action!!


I can’t get with this Mon-El/Kara lovefest. Kara need to let Jimmy rearrange those insides.


Into the trash it goes.


Well Mon-El is confirmed as the Prince of Daxam and his parents are apparently Hercules and Lois Lane


Oh wow…


I was waiting for them to show up for the whole episode after I saw their names in the opening credits lol




The King of Daxam is Kevin Sorbo and the Queen is Teri Hatcher.


Lulz wut?


So did some research on supergirls sister. Apparently shes married with 3 kids wtf. Looks much better with longer hair also


She played the lead in Not Another Teen Movie. I recognized her right away.


Janeys got aaaaa gun…


The last good parody movie, imo.