Supergirl: The TV Series



Chris Evans was in that movie? He sure has come a long way.


That movie has a pretty good cast. There are several recognizable faces in it.


Alex looks unrecognizable. Honestly wasnt able to tell its the same chick.


It’s been 16 years man. Movie came out in 2001. Besides, glasses and a pony tail are one helluva a disguise. Where do you think Kara got the ideas from.


I never watched that movie but dayum girl was hella fine.

She still is very nice for a milf of 3 kids!


It’s the last great parody movie in my opinion.


Remember when he played evil Hercules and Kevin Smith (Ares) was the god of love in some mirror universe stuff…


And the shit is officially hitting the fan.


Mon-el and Kara, the new Ross and Rachel.

O and I need that nerdnigga wynn was getting played. No way his dorky ass was getting purple british alien pussay


So do I gotta watch Flash now?


I watched that Flash episode.
Fucken Glee.

Good episode this week!


Lois Lane shanked Hercules


Spoilers maaaaan!


aaannndd… supergirl continues the arrow verse tradition of spouse shanking. Whos next? Stein shanks mrs stein?


Superman will be back for the season finale :smile:


Why not Batman cameos in Arrow?


Cuz Batman totally needs more exposure.


Batman has his own show.


Alotta Batman villains are on Arrow