Supergirl: The TV Series

  • Bruce Wayne is mentioned in an episode of Arrow. Overwatch was almost Oracle, but the “name’s taken”. So yeah: Arrow does mention Batman a bit next to borrowing its’ villains. It is a DC Universe. Next to using Superman only twice, I’d suspect there are rules in place for that sort of thing. Then again, maybe Batman doesn’t exist in their Earth as “Bruce Wayne” but actually does through someone else instead of Bruce.


In a Supergirl episode they did drop that Gotham


The reason why you wont see batman on arrow is because theres too much similarity between the two characters.

In short Arrow is batman lite.


Lol no he does not.

Gotham ain’t got shit to do with Batman.


What was DC hoping to accomplish with Gotham?

What’s the point of using all the Batman rouges but putting Batman on the shelf?


they are taking their sweet time establishing backgrounds/story… i think next season deal with his training to become batman… eventually lol


Why not? Half the time the villains are more interesting than Batman himself. Having a show that explores the villains and seeing how Gotham ended up needing Batman is a sound premise. I don’t need Bats around to care about his setting.


The Batman is less interesting than his villains thing is bullshit people say when they wanna hate on Batman being popular.

Guys like Joker, Two Face, are so interesting because of how deep their lore with Batman goes. His failure to save them and them becoming freaks because of it is why he is a perfectionist.

Without Batman they are just psychos with goofy gimmicks and no purpose.


I think that’s why I can’t take Gotham seriously in the slightest. You get to see just how lame a lot of these fuckers are without Batman to play off of.


I think most of his villains are interesting characters in their own right. Characters like Riddler, Penguin and Mr. Freeze work well on their own. Also, most of these guys were already fucked up before they ever got to Batman so he’s not a fault for them becoming what they are.


Penguin requires a amazing writer to make most fans believe Bats would struggle against him at all. No one would care about him without Batman.

Mr. Freeze is a really deep character but as Cap Cold gets more popular it hurts him alot. Another dependent on Batman.

Riddler is dope but needs a Aquaman style revamp to be taken more seriously.

Only Bats Villains that may be better without him are Ra’s al gul, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn.

The rest are much better with Bats to lean on but that doesn’t mean they aren’t great villains though.


The best use of Penguin isn’t to make him a antagonist. His character works best being at the heart of most the criminal activity in Gotham. If he doesn’t have his hand in it he knows about it. The guy is an asset that’s useful to everyone.

Freeze as a character can work completely independent from Batman as all he wants is to cure his wife and holds no personal grudge against him. He doesn’t do teams often as he’s not motivated by greed like the other villains. It’s completely possible to tell his story without Batman being around.

Riddler I don’t think needs a revamp. Not being taken seriously is part of the character’s charm. The character strives when underrated. He can seriously fuck shit up when taken lightly. The guy completely fucked the city in Zero Year. In Gotham he successfully framed Gordon for his murders and got Penguin to destroy his own criminal empire.

I don’t think these characters would be better without Batman. They don’t need him around to function or be interesting.


Harley Quinn ain’t shit without Joker or Ivy to hang with, or Paul Dini writing her. I will stand by that to my dying breath… This whole Deadpool with Tits shit they’ve had her on is stupid as fuck.

Ivy is fine standalone. She’s got depth to her character. Ra’s is that dude, and could solo his own project… He’s basically Doom without a country to rule over. Riddler is Batman’s most underrated villain, and can ruin anyone dumber than Batman with ease… Read his run in Green Arrow- He shitted on Ollie free.

The rest of them fuckers not named Two-Face, Joker, or Mr. Freeze? They can’t do shit without Batman… and even Joker is falling into that trap since shit modern writers don’t know how to tell Joker stories that don’t revolve around his and Batman’s dichotomy.


I can’t really agree with Two-Face. Gotham Central did a good job making Two-Face stand on his own as well as James Robinson’s Face the Face story. Harvey can have more to offer if they kept him rehabilitated and not have him relapse all the time.


You cant argue with results. Harley outsells so many iconic characters with her new gimmick.

She is a legit single star now.

Riddler is dope to me but other people see him as a joke.

I say he needs a revamp just so people take another look at him.

Nothing crazy just a slight change in outfit and big storyline push.


Michael Bay gets results too, and his Transformers and Turtles movies are abominations.

Harley was an actual character before… Now she’s a running gag. But hey, she’s the Hot Topic character now, so fuck telling compelling stories with her.


Supergirl is back. As is The Flash and Arrow.


I know Alex is suppose to be the gay one but I would like to see Kara and Lena make out. LOL!!! Also, the next couple of eps might be lit AF.


Mon-el’s mom working with Lena…


Just saw the episode from 5/8/2017

Another Batman reference during the Guardian segment. Oh you mean that other vigilante guy with a mask by Superman. So, will we see Batman finally next season…