Supergirl: The TV Series


Superman is getting the shaft again it seems. Superman has been getting shit on like a toilet lately.


Yep…first asshole Superman in Injustice now this.


Haven’t watched this show in forever but caught the finale on. I forgot how fucking stupid it is that glasses work to conceal their identity. It really makes me more angry than it should.


Man, I thought she was going to send Mon EL to Barry’s Earth!!


Obviously the daxim main character can last 5 more minutes than every other one of his people


Yo this shit’s dumb.

Also, just realized the young kara is violet from the netflix unfortunate events series


They hand waived it away by saying he’d been on Earth for year absorbing yellow sunlight.


Supergirl season 2 is a definite improvement over the 1st season but it still feels like a chick flick superhero show at times. The "girl power"politics were a bit cringey and having supergirl be stronger than superman is just…I don’t know probably the worse I’ve seen superman job since his portrayal in the justice league cartoons.


Anybody know what that evil kryptonian baby at the end was getting at?


Probably Doomsday.


Supergirl Season 2 is up on Netflix.

Time to catch up on all the eps i missed.


Actually it’s Reign. I wonder what she’ll look like. Probably a regular human woman with a CGI true form like Martian Manhunter and Miss Martian


For someone with limited DC knowledge… Who is Reign?



Neat! Thanks.


How this show not canceled yet?


Moving to the CW greatly reduced the shows budget. Since the CW is co-owned by Warner Bros, they don’t have to pay the 1 million plus dollar an episode licensing fee that CBS had to. Edit: Forgot to mention that the show went from filming in California to Vancouver. Those three things saves them a lot of money.


What really got me is that Super Girl’s nemesis in the show is Lex Luthor’s Sister.
That like Krypto the Super Dog’s nemesis is Lex Luthor’s Pet Iguana

No I take it back, the Sister thing is dumber than the Iguana. At least with the Iguana he was presented on a Kids show, so I allow the suspension of disbelief.

Yeah Smallville had Lex’s sister as well but that show is trash and Tess Mercer is badly tacked on

Then again the whole thing about Luthor stealing 40 cakes is canon


Lena Luthor isn’t Supergirl’s nemesis. They are friends. Lex’s mother, Lillian Luthor, is her Nemesis. She’s the one that founded Cadmus. Her original Nemesis was Maxwell Lord but the actor that played him, Peter Facinelli, lives in California and didn’t want to make the move to Canada for the show. It’s the same reason why Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart) was only in a few episodes.


LOL, so its worst then I thought. Anytime line where Lex’s parents are still alive is trash any ways.
I like the origin story where Lex killed his own parents by cutting the break line on their car (when he still just a kid), getting the insurance money from the death, then suing the car manufacture for the death of his parents for the seed money for his education and his going from poverty to uber rich multi-multi-billionaire.