Supergirl: The TV Series


Reason Supergirl ain’t canceled is because of The Flash crossovers.


That’s why Lord was written out? Crazy.


Reign confirmed, and will be played by Odette Annable.


Oh shit!! Nola is going to grace our screens again?! great news!


I just caught up with the last 9 or so episodes and finished Season 2.

I liked the finale and I feel that S2 is better than S1 in many ways.
I have mixed feelings about some aspects.

It was nice seeing Mgann again and bringing some white Martians to help in the struggle.

Jimmy Olsen is a waste in all aspects this season.
Being Catco’s caretaker went nowhere.
I was interested in the Guardian story initially, but 90% of the time it felt like filler.
Throughout the show , we always get these allusions to his great relationship w/Supes and in the season finale, they dont even have any real scenes together.

Alex asking Maggie to marry her came out of left field.
Also, the way Maggie keeps secrets and just revealed to you a few episodes that she cheated must have been forgotten in the chaos right?

I dont know whether Kara is supposed to be stronger than Kal in the comics, but shouldn’t he have more experience than her?
This ep referenced Zod and Mongul (warworld) indirectly.
I can accept her having a slight edge due to silver kryptonite ,but they didnt have to him state multiple times that she beat him at full strength.
SJW pandering?

Like Jimmy Olsen, I think the show has outgrown Cat Grant. Callista does a good job, but if Kara wants to grow as a hero, she needs to be free of these inspirational speeches from her. I would rather have Alex and J’onn be her close confidants imo.

Mon-el transforms from COD dudebro to Monistat-EL.

I appreciate now that they were trying to show him gain the drive to become a hero, but it felt like the Kara/Mon-el relationship vacillated every other episode between being snippy with each other and being great pals.
Also, it ties into a recurring problem with other CW shows.

The writers like to introduce a conflict with great fanfare and then resolve it SUPER quickly.

Example 1: Kara issues Jimmy an ultimatum to stop being Guardian and act s like theyre quits.
2 episodes later, it never gets brought up.

Example 2: Kara is mad at Mon for lying about being Prince of Daxam and then tells him its over.
The beginning of the VERY NEXT EPISODE has him making breakfast for her and acting like theyre newly married. WTF?
Granted the Flash musical episode takes place in between and I havent seen it, but c’mon.

So is the Phantom zone that Mon-el goes into or some other portal?

Also, another thing I disliked is the unresolved Cadmus and Jeremiah Danvers.
they build them up for 1/2 the season and then kind push them to the side.
Like Evelyn Sharp on Arrow S5, I kinda wished the finale had involved him more prominently.

I really liked Wynn a lot more this season.
I always felt the Catco IT guy was too lowly for him;He was funnier and had a consistent love interest (Et tu Cisco?)

Rheas scheme was run of the mill ,but Ive never seen Teri Hatcher as a villain so her performance and scene chewing elevated the material.

I liked Lena as an ally to Kara and hope that they keep her as a hero to subvert our expectations of her.


The Flash episode brings them together and is essential as to why they got back together lol


Erica Durance (Smallville) will replace Laura Benanti in the role of Alura Zor-el, Kara’s mother.


She’s a little young to be playing Kara’s mother.


When and how did Cat know that Kara is Supergirl???


She figured it out in Season 1. So Kara had Jonn shape shift into Supergirl. Jonn and Kara met Cat and at convinced her that she was wrong. There was no way Kara and Supergirl could be at the same place at once. Later in the Season, Jonn shape shifts in public to help stop Supergirl when she was corrupted by red kryptonite. Cat isn’t stupid. Once she saw that, she figured out she was right all along.


I felt like S1 was better than S2. Maybe that’s just me, never cared about the whole guardian thing also the mgann/John relationship is weird just seemed like there was a general lack of focus in S2 . I call BS on Kara beating Clark simply because this Superman already beat Zod and as mentioned b4 referenced war world so he has a lot of experience I find it hard to believe Kara who ain’t been doing this for long could beat him.


Honestly, the writers of Supergirl need to go watch Wonder Woman and learn how to write a strong heroine. If you have to keep reminding everyone that your hero is a girl, you doing a poor job of writing. Her defeating Superman was complete BS.


I feel like Smallville handled Kara/Clark way better in that regard. Clark was still pretty young and pretty much rejected his Kryptonian heritage until S9 so when Kara was introduced it made sense that she could fly and was generally stronger than Clark (well at least up until the S10 finale).


Injustice 2 story mode takes place on the alternate/evil Earth from Injustice 1 where Superman kills the joker on his Earth.

Funny thing… they gave a shout out to the TV series Flash where Flash calls Eobard Reverse Flash and Eobard isn’t supposed to exist like in the Flash TV series. Wonder why Zoom didn’t show up…


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On my birthday no less…


Who’s the villain with Lena?


Lex maybe?


Bringing this thread back to life because the show’s back.

The episode was pretty boring, but The Flash is tomorrow(today from when I’m posting) so that’s a plus.


This episode was slow and I didn’t like bitch-Supergirl but at least they showed Odette.