Supergirl: The TV Series


I enjoyed it! Good set up for the season.


Wouldn’t be surprised if we get a Batman or Robin appearance on this show to boost ratings!!!


I thought the episode was okay. I hope it’s more like the first half of the last season though. Season 2 got worse as it went on.


Thank you. They are addressing the biggest issue I had with the last years season finale. Lead is toxic to humans. You can’t fill the atmosphere with lead and not have people get sick.


I’m liking this season so far. Building up to Reign is sweet, waiting for those dudes in the underwater ship to wake up.
Plus Oddette is sooooooooooooo easy on the eyes.


They’ve done a really good job with the young versions of Alex and Kara in this episode. The actress playing Alex looks like she walked of the set of Not Another Teen Movie.


Like how the delve more into Supergirl’s reasoning for her anxiety…and it’s always good to see OG Supergirl.


Cross post:

The 2 part crossover starting this Monday on the CW will be 10 times better than the Justice League movie. Don’t know if the WB television side is trolling the WB big screen side or vice versa. Anyway, the CW TV side of things even blows Marvel movies out of the water!!!


Reigns look has been released. Not really a fan to be honest.


Chick that plays Reign is from The Vampire Diaries, I believe.

Also, what Earth does Supergirl exist on from the 52 (or 53) Earths? Earth 5 or something?


Melissa is so hot when she’s evil.


Melissa would get it rough in those costumes!!!


Just made it home in time for the crossover!!
How is it so far!?


First episode was almost entirely setup. Second episode seems to be getting into it. Speaking of which, apparently Nazi Oliver is getting into Overgirl.


Pretty dope.

Earth-X Kara and Oliver are Nazi lovers, we got Reverse Flash Wells back, Sara banged Kara’s sister, Mick as Stein’s house guest in his daughter’s robe, and Joe West made everyone cry in the first twenty minutes.

Some pretty cool action scenes also.


Ah okay.


Crossover is already BASED!!!
I’m hoping the new Fuheur is an evil version of Superman to get Clark up in here!


Oliver is the Fuhrer



That would’ve been a hellva end boss reveal!


Lol Ollie with the Batman tactics…

“Why do you have a kryptonite arrow?!?”


The fuckin’ RAY!!!