Supergirl: The TV Series


Awesome episode, Sara won it all with that blue dress.

Looks like episode 2 is already available


Sara’s face when Alex said “her”.


Yeah Sara was like “Got em!”




How is this team up handled better than fucking Justice League?

DC/WB is incompetent as fuck.


Its handled better for the same reason, ironically that Marvel is handling their business (and Infinity War looking absolutely sick even though I’m not even a Marvel fanboy). Its because they took time to build the characters and universe, minimum of 2.5 seasons for each of the 4 shows, and even with Legends those characters have been around for much longer.

So a) the audience gives more shits, b) the actors have had more time to understand and play off each other and build synergy, c) the producers/directors understand their characters/stories/mythos so they are able to produce a better, all rounded product.

Justice league is a pile of garbage as basically DC are trying to play catch up with Marvel. They are trying to do in 10months what Marvel did in 6-7years.

What’s funny is that Marvel is listening to fans and giving fans exactly what they want. Despite DC having stronger individual and iconic franchises - I would personally argue Batman and Superman >>>> Anything Marvel except maybe Spidey/Wolverine - they fucked up because they don’t listen to what the fans want.

Why hold back on the Green Lantern character for example? The best “coming together” of justice league Ive seen is the 3 parter to the Justice League Timmsverse. Imagine that in live action, now wouldn’t that be something?


Better than JL movie!!!


oh shit a double wedding


if the CW decided that the double wedding episode is gonna be the last episode of all 4 series then I would be ok with that. I mean episode 4 of Earth-X was pretty much a series finally for Arrow, Supergirl, The Flash, DC’s Legends of Tommorw…




Also, Jimmy is like a beacon for white girl poon!


So wait. Is Reign like a Kryptonian Batman or Green Arrow?


In a word. No


The character acts like a “Dark Knight”

Killing and/or bringing judgement to the wicked…


I see her as Ghost Rider.
Since she can’t really think for herself and acts possessed most of the time.



Lemme know when he dresses like this


This show is gonna fuck up the Legion now?


I thought the “L” is for red lantern because it glowed red…


Damn. Looks like I’m back watching this show.


This show man…I swear. “Fort Rozz is orbiting a blue star. Supergirl won’t have her powers.” WTF did the writers even glance at the notes on Kryptonians.