Supergirl: The TV Series


Wait…wouldn’t a blue star actually make Kara even more powerful?



Blue Suns more than doubles a Kryptonians and Daxamites power!!


yall acting like you forgot this show has the ultimate loophole “alternate universe”


Nah that’s just lazy writing fam.


hahaha Doesn’t make a difference to plebs like me who don’t know the mythos.


thats why they make alternate universes. so they can get lazy.


Alternate universes were created because it’s impossible to take character that is decades old and retail their story accurately in a live action format. It was to allow for a new audience to get an accurate representation of a character, without having to read, in some cases, thousands of comics. All they had to was the same script and change the star color from blue to brown. Three letters fam. They’re just lazy
IIRC, didn’t Fort Rozz blow up in the Season 1 finale?


lmfao are you specifically talking about kara or alternate universes in general. dc wise its purely cause they got lazy, had nothing to do with retelling a origin but how to explain why they got two flashes in general.




Comics in general.


barry allen and jay garrick are flashes from 2 different earths. they are the start of the multi-verse in dc, it was a way to explain why they both existed.


lol @ That Stark tech


By now Lena has to know who supergirl is…


Just make MMH brain wipe her.


Black Siren VS Purity would be epic!!!


didnt know saturn girl was a bollywood star lol.

Is the legion show actually gnna be a thing?


lena knows who reign is!!!


yeah it is. most likely part of the new on demand


Lena will use Reign to her advantage because…

She’s a Luthor…


5 week breaks suck!!!