Supergirl: The TV Series


Nope. It was him.


Jeez. That last episode had so much happen at the beginning and at the end lol


Season 4 Trailer…


NO idea who that is.



Eyyyyyy thanks brother.

This is shaping up to be the most SJW season yet lol


lol someone had a big ass vlog rant about the sjw movement of this show.


Not surprised. You can smell the agenda a mile away, but IDGAF I’ll still watch haha


So Supergirl will now be on Sundays…


Who wouldn’t fool around with Melissa in that costume…


Im late but I just finished Supergirl S3. I have Arrow/Flash/Legends next.



Reign was a good villain and Odette sold the sympatheric Sam and Evil Reign

As a Justice League cartoon fan, it was awesome to see Carl Lumbly (MMH)as Johns Father in this show. His final moments were awesome and emotional

Jimmy getting with Lena

Action scenes

IMRA - SKEET SKEET. I cant believe Mon el was sad about going back to the future with that fine ho


Why did they change the theme? ARRGH

They built it up well but some parts of the final episode were cliche -drink the bath water!. Time travel

Jimmy feels like the most unnecessary character. I wouldnt have felt bad if he was leaving in some manner as opposed to the other “black” guy on the show

The SJW element is too blatant. ILock Her up, gun debate. It makes the show grind to a halt

The other two Worldkillers were defeated too quickly. More of them and less of the witches

Still 8.5/10


Taken from DBZ/DBS Whiz in RoF where Vegeta almost let Earth die…


Check this…



^^^^^^^^^The masked villain could be Lex Luthor!!!

Everyone see DC’s Legends of Tomorrow on Monday? Was strange. Especially the part at the end when in blood someone wrote, “I’m coming for you Constantine” or something like that in blood.

Supergirl was more strange. Who is the masked villian?

The Green Arrow with the flash forwards to the future then to the present time

The Flash with a total copying of or paying homage to Dragonball Z/Dragonball Super…

So, Nora is basically Future Trunks and Cicada is like a combination of Cell and Black (Zamasu). Nora tells the story about how this Cicada came too early because of time lines screwing up and nobody could beat him (not even The Legends, Supergirl, The Green Arrow, or The Flash)!!!

Did everyone see how the latest Wells doppelganger pretty much revealed himself as a speedster in the end scene of Yesterday’s The Flash episode? This would make sense because if The Flash disappeared, there would be no The Reverse Flash.

So… fun times in the CW DC universe, fun times!!!

Also, has everyone noticed how all 4 shows pretty much are building the plot for December’s crossover episodes? Last year’s and the year before last’s crossovers episodes were kinda stand-alone and didn’t really connect to the 4 shows together…

Can’t wait to see who the bad villain(s) are going to be in December’s crossovers!!!



I wasn’t expecting Batwoman to look that good.


Is the villain behind the mask, Lex Luthor?

Remember on The Flash, Cicada is a different person because of all of the timeline screw ups Team Flash and The Legends did…

ElseWorlds is gonna be fun…


Is the villain behind the mask, Lex Luthor?

Go watch the latest episode titled “Man Of Steel”.


Everytime I see this actor get mad I feel like he’ll turn into Doomsday. But I like how this show keeps getting former Smallville actors and the scene with Ben running looking like Batfleck’s at the start of BvS.