Supergirl: The TV Series


Super couple…


Was that Else World’s SG @ the end of the episode speaking another language?


Seems like they are doing some lame as version of Red Son.


Oh wow…


ehhhhh what in the hell?! Cryer is one of the last people I’d imagine as Lex Luthor… I’ll check it out of curiosity, though it’s seriously doubtful he could be on par with Rosenbaum or even close to the greatness of the animated Lex on JLA.

Then again, this show has been a joke for quite some time, last I saw of it…previously I was tuning in just to check out the hot girls (*Benoist would get a salad-toss) while laughing at how insane everything is on this show.




WTF? Eisenberg wasn’t bad enough?


…*y’know, at least it isn’t quite as insane as making Jimmy Olsen into JAMES Olsen, the tall, suave ladies’ man black guy who also has a costume and fights crime at night like Batman. :rofl:

*looking back over the many times this legendary character Lex Luthor has appeared in any show or movie… the sad thing is that they’ve really only got him “right” on 2 occasions— Rosenbaum in Smallville… and the animated shows. Every other time Luthor has appeared on the small or big screen, he’s been trash. Yeah this includes the generally well-liked Gene Hackman… (I don’t necessarily think that’s GH’s fault though; likely just the way they wrote him in the old movie…I don’t like Lex being shown as a goofball, “comedy relief” character…nah, fuck that.)


They always make the red head into a black person. Jimmy Olsen, Iris West, Wally West…I’m surprised Batwoman wasn’t hit with the magic mocha wand.


damn “the girl of steel”…