Supergun Case


First I wanna say thanks to everyone thats been helping helping me put this stuff together. I’m considering getting a project box for my case. I want to know if there’s a site with all the measurements for cutting the holes for the video audio and controller jacks?


Prince, its all based on the parts you want to use. Any electronics company you want to use should have the data sheets on the part you are looking at which will then tell you exactly the size holes (which are usually .315" and stuff that isn’t standard for a drill).

Have you considered getting a prefabbed ready to go case?

By the time you get a box, cut it up, paint it, etc. You could have probably just built your new SuperGun. I also have all of the parts available to build it out as well…


Ok. I’ll go to the local store that I got my db15 connectors from to her the rest of my parts for the case. The prefab case is terribly too expensive for me. That’s twice the amount I paid for my pre built supergun on pcb.