Supergun faqs

i didnt really see any threads that talks in detail about superguns,
so i started this since im sure there are probably others besides me that dont know much about superguns.

so i was wondering if someone could post up all the info one needs to know about how a supergun works , different versions, how to set one up, ect.

one question i have right off the bat, is there some way one can use a ps2 or xbox stick with a supergun ? ( is there some type of adapter or anything?)

Google is your friend. There’s more than enough information to get an idea of how they work, and a number of different ways to make one.

There is very little comprehensive information comparing superguns because there are only a couple ‘manufactured’, and MAS is the only one I know of manufactured in the US. They are very niche items, and the majority of them are custom made jobs, such as the awesome ones MKL makes.

There is no off the shelf converter you can use except the PSX->Neogeo adapter, and even it is limited to the four face buttons, d-pad, and start/select. Even then, you’d have to verify that the controller connector on the SG matched the Neogeo pinout. Almost all custom made SG’s do, but most manufactured ones don’t. Getting something that would allow for 6 play buttons or more would require a custom made adapter. A few people can make them, such as laugh or myself, but its a custom electronics gig so it could be spendy. DreamTR has a thread in the Trading Outlet asking for one to be made, and N-Ken has a thread on asking for the same thing. BTW, having an xbox adapter for SG use is close to out of the question. PSX is doable, Saturn is fairly easy, and Neo-geo is dead simple.

For manufactured 'Guns:

Great Western Trading Company

Arcade in a Box’s Jamma In a Box

Mas Systems SuperNOVA

Custom Jobs

D-Lite’s site, good dude, am having him make me one right now.

Neo-Geo forums

I believe there are several on NG that make 'Guns, not all have custom for purchase setups but check the selling forums guns popup a decent amount.

shmups forums

Same have a decent amount of Guns popup in the sale forum.

learns something new

Well, in a nutshell, an SuperGun usually consists of an RGB to S-Video, Component, or Composite video conversion PCB, a way to attenuate the mono audio off the Jamma edge to RCA stereo (which is not true stereo), power, test & reset switch, maybe coin buttons, and the ability to plug in custom joysticks for inputs. That should cover the basics of it.