Supergun Joystick build question: +5v?


Hello Electronics Masters of SRK,

I just got a Supergun from Jasen of Jasen’s Customs (fantastic guy and incredible supergun build quality, couldn’t recommend it enough). I’m wiring up my joysticks to the DB15 breakout board as per the Neo Geo pinout diagram ( ) and I can’t figure out what to connect to the +5v pin.

All the Buttons and joystick positions connect to their appropriate pin, a daisy chained common ground goes to all the buttons and the joystick ground, then what do I connect to the +5v pin? I know I’m missing something obvious.

Thanks for any help or info that can be given.



If you’re wiring up your joystick and buttons directly to the DB15 for “Neo-Geo” use, the +5V pin doesn’t get used.

The +5V pin is only used if you’re running some sort of PCB and needed to power it.


Easy breezy. Thanks for the info FG. I appreciate it. Btw, that modular stick you made is insane.