Supergun Questions


Hi everyone. I recently bought this smallcab supergun>

Here is the website: It outputs audio through a mini jack port. I’m thinking of purchasing a regular 8 ohm arcade speaker to receive the audio. Now the question is, how do I connect the speaker to the supergun, what cables should I use?. I thought of purchasing a 3.5mm Mono In Out Stereophonic to RCA R/L Y-Cable Audio Male/Male Cable, connect the mini jack to the supergun, then cut away the L and R RCA connectors then solder them to the speaker. Will it work? If it does, which side would go to the - and + of the speaker. I’ve never done this, so please suggest.

My other question regards to controllers. This supergun only has ports for Neo Geo Joystics. However, Neo Geo Joysticks only have 4 buttons, and I want to be able to play games that uses six buttons as well such as SF2. I am thinking of purchasing a Neo Geo joystick DB15

, then wire it up to a regular 6 button fightstick using this schematic:

The question is, are fightstick buttons different from arcade buttons? Will it matter? Is it possible to make the connection the the DB15 cable? Also, will I need a kick harness or just wiring up the buttons suffice?

The questions is lengthier than I intended. Please excuse that. I am open to any suggestions. Thanks.

  1. Audio
    yes that Audio cable should work. You could just nab some female RCA jack wire them to your speakers instead of splicing that cable.
    Inner pin is your + and the outer wire is your - or ground.

  2. Controls
    With your games that take 6 buttons like Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat, you need a Kick Harness. What kick harness you needs depends on your board.
    You need to wire the appropriate wires of the kick harness to the corresponding pins of your DB 15 connector. I would also wire up some kind of connector so you can swap what Kick harness you need as you need it.

  3. Fight Stick Buttons are Arcade Buttons. Sanwa, Seimitsu, Hori Kuro, Happs, IL , Crown ect those are all brands of Arcade buttons.

  4. Kick Harness, Capcom CPS2 Kick harness is not the same as a CPS3 Kick Harness or a Mortal Kombat Kick harness or even a naomi harness.
    The kick harness will depend on your Jamma board not the Stick.

Read up the Jamma thread I started, LOTS of info there.


Thanks for the detailed answer. I will check your thread.