Supergun test.


I have a mvs 1 slot board and a vogatek mk v supergun that arrived in the mail today. I don’t have a mvs cart yet. If I power up the board and supergun, will there be any type of menu? Also, will I damage anything? Just want to see if the vogatek and mvs boards work.


You still need the cart for the board to work.

As would it damage the mvs 1 slot board to be powered up with out a MVS cart?
No, just like the consoles of its time, it be fine. But I don’t recommend you make a habit of powering it up with out a cart


One more thing. In order to use a cps2 kick harness, am I gonna have to solder it to pins on the vogatek?


Why you would need a CPS2 Kickharness for a MVS board?

Vogatek PCBs are not made with six button CPS2 games in mind.


With no cart inserted, a MVS will show a menu. You won’t ruin anything (in theory, I can’t guarantee some freak accident or miswiring won’t happen) by booting it up without a cart. You’ll see the hardware test screens, the most you can do for fun is see some 0s turn to 1s on the input test and hear some BOOPs in the sound test. Oh and you can set the clock! Wow.


Just asking in case I get a cps2 games in the future.


Don’t the Vogateks have the screw terminals for buttons 4,5,6? Just use them to screw your CPS2 harness in and be good to go.


didn’t know that


The Vogatek MK V does not have screw temimals. DB 15 port only.


You can probably solder right to the pins of the DB 15


@Darksakul‌ is right. Just solder onto the pins from below the DB15 connections.

Sucks that it doesnt have some sort of screw-in terminals. I thought that Vogatek did that on all of them… I probably confused it with some other version. Eh, oh well.