Superguns for sale for use with hrap2s

Hey hows eveything going, i recently borrowed SSF2X:GMC green board from a friend and will be getting another one really soon. I was wondering if anybody would be willing to make a supergun with ps1/ps2 converters for a reasonable price. I am willing to buy one in like a month and a half or so. Anyhelp would be Greatly appriciated. Thanks again.

Did you see this? FS: Capcom CPS2 Supergun with Street Fighter Alpha - Jaguar Sector II Video Game Central

I’ve made a couple of superguns out of psx cases, using Toodles’s FGW converters and the the existing ports for controllers, power, and a/v. Considering the amount of work involved, I would ask around $200 depending on options.

PM sent