Superguns, show em' if you got em'

After seeing Cigarbob’s rig at the first EVO World in Las Vegas in 05’, be and my friends were inspired to do the same thing for 06’ with Neo*Geo hardware:

It has a Neo*Geo MVS four-slot hooked to (MVS-style) JAMMA harness, video-out (RGB -> S-VHS) is provided by a Neobits converter.

The final result was a bit rushed, we juuuuust bairly made it there for the last day of Evo World 06’. The top CP and back door are jankey, and need to be re-done. I don’t like the paint-job, and I want to sand it off and re-paint it in the worst way. Fortunately, everything that I think is crap is fixable. It was a good first-attempt, considering my realitive experience-level working with wood at the time, and the tools I had available (all hand-tools: a Circular saw, a handdrill, a saber-saw and a Dremel).

The next year, for Evo World 07’, I threw together the blue:

Again, it has a Neo*Geo MVS four-slot hooked to (MVS-style) JAMMA harness, video-out (RGB -> S-VHS) is provided by a Neobits converter.

I skilled-up and tooled-up a bit, and the results came out much better. The CP lid is jankey because I couldn’t find the right type of hinges, and again, I don’t care for how the paint-job came out (although, it looks good in pictures, and in-person too, unless you look reeeeealy close).Once I get the right hinges, and re-do the CP to my satisfaction, I’ll be done with it.

I got a bunch more pics, of the internal guts and stuff that I can put up if anyone asks, but I really want to see other people’s stuff before I get started on supergun project #3.

These are sweet, I really want to get a consolized MVS but It seems like a pretty big investment for the maybe 5 or 6 games I’d play on it.

I consolized a 2 slot using a neobitz encoder and had the metal shielding top powdercoated as close to MVS red as I could get it. Works pretty well, but I rarely play on it anymore.

It dosen’t have to be big, like what I did here. The secondary purpose of having these huge-ass superguns is: storage. We can bring them to Evo or other tournies, put a bunch of games in it, lock it up, and not have to worry about thieves walking off with our stuff when we’re not looking.

Becides, if you’re into the MVS, now’s a good time to get games on the cheap. As long as it’s not Garou, SSV, SSVspecial, 2k2, 2k3, or SvCC, if you’re diligent you can find stuff really cheap on E-bay or on trading forums.

Cool, got any pics?

You can always get a supergun that will play both MVS, and all other Jamma.

You’ve got many, many more games to choose from other than SNK if that’s not your thing.

Yeah, the only real differences between MVS JAMMA and regular JAMMA, is the way the sound is wired, the “D” buttons, the “select” buttons, and the -5V line (which most games don’t use anyway).

With a $20 kick harness, you can play just about anything.

I’ll get pics up later of my supergun. Running a Neobitz encoder with it wired for MVS. Outputs to S-video and looks damn good and also composite that looks very good as well. Neobitz with S-video makes Metal Slug look better than I thought I’d ever see it.