Superhero Apparel Help

I know I’m not the only one who has had problems with this. I’ve been looking for superhero tee’s but have only been fortunate to find this place when I was on vacation in Key West to get my Superman shirt. Really looking to get some hoodies and other tee’s of my other favorite comic characters. So if anyone knows any great websites that are good and trustworthy please help me out. Thanks to anyone who can help me out with my problem.

I try Hot topic. They have some pretty good superhero shirts. I managed to get the Alex Ross Joker/Harley Quinn shirt from them.

Yo check out a place called Steve n Berry’s (or something like that). They’re advertised as having really affordable clothes, but they have a lot of super hero stuff. I got a bunch of cool stuff. A Venom shirt, Captain America, and even Voltron.

I don’t know about any online places, though.

Thanks both of those stores are in this mall close to me.

Hot Topic is a common place to find good variety non shitty superhero clothes.

or if online is your thing there is

Has comic/star wars /ANYTHING shirts,hoods,buckles, etc.

its bad ass

Since your not that far away from New York, some of the comic book shops here carry superhero clothing. Jim Hanley’s, Forbidden Planet and both Midtown Comics stores. You can order clothing online from Midtown too.

Thanks. I only live 45 minutes with traffic from NYC so it should be all good. thanks to everyone for the post so far. Oh and is midtown good for hoodies and belt buckles to?

Def agree with Sano. That’s your best bet. Last time I was in JHU I was lookign at the wall o’ shirts… Superman, they had that classic logo shirt… but I don’t remember seeing any other Supes designs. But there’s tons there, not to mention at Forbidden Planet and Midtown. Why not go to all three if you’ll be in NYC anyway?

wish i lived in New York :sad:

Steve and Barry’s IS your place. I think they have some crazy 2 shirts for under 10 bucks deal. I got Captain America and Wolverine… next time I get paid I’m definitely loading up on that shit.

Yeah… I lurk here. :wonder:

I saw this Wolvie shirt in the magazine once, it was an exclusive. Red, with the cover art for one of those SNIKT! books they did. Was bad ass. Now I can’t find it any effingwhere. :frowning:

I just got the Captain America shirt in blue at Steve and Barry’s. Some of the shirts are ok, but the one I was really liking was the Hulk one. The other ones were alright, except for the fantastic four since it didn’t have Dr. Doom on it. And they had no Superman shirts. How do you have everyone else but no Superman. But the beer pong shirts are kind of hot.